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Reduce Water Contamination: Clean and Clear

So we all know that water contamination is a serious issue. The real question is what exactly causes the contamination? Maybe it was the other night when the toilet got stopped up after a healthy dosage of Mexican food. While that seems like a reasonable argument, that is not an answer we’re satisfied with.  


Plumbing Services in Chandler AZ

Our team is mobile. We are constantly on the go, which is why each team member is equipped with the technology for on-site appraisals and organizing. We offer twenty-four hour plumbing coverage- which means exactly what it sounds like: 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our central offices use electronic dispatch to create a unique and professional experience every time. Our plumbing services in Chandler AZ rival most large plumbing companies due to our availability, technology, wide range of services, and dedication to top notch service!


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Tips to Fix a Washing Machine

We’ve been there. Middle of the week rush to get everyone in the family out the door on time in the mornings. The worst is when laundry day happens to fall right in the middle of the week (due to some unforeseen mud wrestling at school and a couple spilled coffees in rush hour traffic). So you may or may not be wearing two different colored socks, while trying to cram an emergency load into the washing machine, only to realize that it’s not working! Have no fear! The Deer Valley Plumbing team has banded together to give you a list of the best tips to fix a washing machine.


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Leaks 101: Plumbing in Phoenix

In the blistering Phoenix heat, everything is at risk- plumbing-wise, that is. We get calls all the time for emergency plumbing in Phoenix due to leaks and other pipe disasters. Keep your plumbing in Phoenix under control with these tips for finding, fixing, and preventing leaks!


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Plumbing Services in Glendale AZ

With our central offices right in the middle of Glendale, twenty-four hour plumbing coverage has never been more convenient. We’re available 24/7/365. Our plumbing services in Glendale AZ use state-of-the-art electronic dispatch and on-site technologies to create a unique and professional experience every time. We rival most large plumbing companies with our technology, availability, and dedication to providing top notch plumbing services in Glendale AZ!


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Crack Down on Cracked Drains

Though there are numerous plumbing disasters we can think of off  the top of our heads, none are as immediately devastating as cracked drains. From smelly kitchens to deadly diseases, cracked drains ruin pipes, rooms, and health. It’s time to crack down on cracked drains (even if they’re hard to spot). Let’s go hunting!


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How to Quiet a Noisy Boiler

None of us really give much thought to our boiler until it wants to be heard. Most heating boilers simply supply hot water during the colder seasons without making its presence known. Once they get a little older, however, their joints start to crack and you may hear some whistling and banging noises when they operate. Deer Valley Plumbing is here to give you some tips for letting your boiler “age gracefully”.
What’s causing the boiler […]

Install Low Flow Aerators

Install Low Flow Aerators

Attach low flow aerators to kitchen and bathroom faucets. The faucet will flow stronger while using much less water. It’s inexpensive and simple to install. Low-flow faucet aerators can reduce your water consumption by as much as 50%, and reduce your energy cost of heating the water also by as much as 50%. This conservation of water and energy is not only good for the environment, but the savings in your utility bills will pay for the cost of the aerators within a few months. From then on, you enjoy continued savings. Call Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors, Inc. at 623-582-1740 to do the installation for you.


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Plumbing Services in Scottsdale AZ

When it’s the middle of the night and you need emergency plumbing services in Scottsdale AZ…who are ya gonna call? The DVP team! We’re available 24/7/365. We service all cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area using our state-of-the-art electronic dispatch and on-site technologies. We rival most large plumbing companies with our technology, availability, and dedication to providing top notch plumbing services in Scottsdale AZ!
What do we provide for plumbing services in Scottsdale AZ?
Commercial Plumbing Services […]

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Stars and Stripes and Drains

Stars and stripes and showers and laundry machines and refrigerators…all depend on the efficiency of your drains (well, maybe not the flag). If your drains go out, have leaks, get clogged, or worse, almost every appliance and utility in your home will be affected immediately! Drains and sewers are necessary for a clean home (and a happy homeowner). Here are some tips for keeping your drains in check!
3 Tips for Maintaining Your Drains
Cleaning Blocked Bathroom […]

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