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Summer Pool Plumbing Checklist

If you couldn’t tell by the high temperatures and aroma of sunscreen in the air, summer is just around the corner. This means shorts, sunglasses, and days spent by the pool trying to cool off. To make this possible, you need to make sure that your pool plumbing is up to date and ready for use for the summer. Checking for broken valves, damaged water lines, or any possible leaks that may defer your from your swimming experience. You want your pool to be as clean and functional as it can be before it gets too warm outside, so here is a checklist of 10 things you should check your pool for before taking a dip this month:


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4 Signs You Need a Gas Line Repair

Defective gas lines are a serious issue that can affect your home’s condition and family’s health. Keeping your gas lines well maintained is crucial in preventing any damage to your home appliances and landscaping. When it comes to testing your pipes for gas line repair, you may require assistance in line locating, leak locating, and valve inspection. It’s easy to overlook little details that hint at a potential leak, so make sure to check these four things when inspecting your home:


Tales From Plumbers Phoenix AZ

As an experienced plumbing company since 1989, we’ve heard and been a part of a lot of interesting stories. Most of them start off with showing up at the client’s home and quickly hearing the exclamation “it wasn’t me!” or “I’m not sure how this happened, but…” and ends in a great story to share with the family and coworkers. Other stories stem from that “new guy” who seems to make a mess out of everything. Either way, a person’s plumbing problems are always bound to be humorous and slightly embarrassing. Here are two of the funniest and strangest stories we’ve heard as plumbers Phoenix AZ.

Replacing a Sump Pump is Trickier Than You Think

You may be asking yourself, what’s a sump pump? Sump pumps are commonly used to remove water that has flooded one’s basement or to pump sewage back up to the sewer line. This is crucial to your house’s condition because your basement can suffer extreme water damage which will be costly. There are plenty of other problems that can call for a sump pump as well: jammed impellers, frozen pipes, stuck switches, and debris can also defer your pump’s suction intake. Due to all these potential problems, knowing how to install or replace a sump pump is an essential skill that will benefit your home and keep it well maintained. […]

Outdoor Plumbing Tips for Spring

Plenty of Arizonans are looking to spruce up their backyard since the months of spring have arrived. With great accommodating weather, gardening is becoming more popular which requires lots of patience and maintenance. It’s important to give your backyard the repairs that it needs so that all of your appliances can function when needed. This includes pool appliances, sprinkler systems, hose bibs, and outdoor faucet repair. Watching your water lines during this season is what will be best for keeping your outdoor plumbing in good condition for the upcoming summer.

Bad Hair Day: Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

When you’re looking up at your shower head (which is dripping at an agonizingly slow pace) and wondering how many hours it’s going take to properly wash yourself in this joke of a water stream, it’s time to look into what’s causing low water pressure in your home. Causes of low water pressure tend to revolve around the state and age of your pipes. Not keeping your water line up to date will result in more than just shower problems; your whole house will suffer from a lack of water. Hiring someone with experience will ensure your pipes a longer lifespan as well as help you get in and out of that shower faster so there are no more bad hair days!

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Time to Repipe: When Good Pipes Go Bad

If you’re noticing some malfunctions with your plumbing system, including weird odors, noises, or leaks, it’s time to repipe your lines. Whether this be your gas, drain, or water lines, you should always stay on top of the maintenance of your piping

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When Your Hot Tub Has Run Cold: Common Hot Tub Issues

Hot Tub season is just around the corner. Be on the lookout for these common hot tub issues so you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of owning one.

With winter leaving and spring approaching with its crisp, cool air, the weather for making use of your hot tub is near. Unfortunately, you may have forgotten that you had a hot tub until this point, and there’s a high chance that it may need a little maintenance check before anyone hops into it. If a hot tub isn’t preserved properly, it can become a risk to the user’s health or wallet. Deer Valley Plumbing is available day and night to help you troubleshoot, repair, or replace your hot tub when you’re ready to get it running for the spring and summer season. […]

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