How to Remove Calcium Buildup in Pipes

calcium buildup in plumbing

Of no fault of your own, your home may be stuck with hard water simply because of your geographical location. Hard water refers to the amount of minerals such as calcium and magnesium floating in the water circulating throughout your home plumbing system. And the harder your water is, the more destructive it is to…

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Main Parts of a Tankless Water Heater

You may never know the value of your water heater until it stops working, especially during the colder months. Issues with water heaters range from minor and quick to fix to extensive and costly repairs and replacements. By understanding the significant parts of your water heater, you can extend its lifespan, improve its efficiency, and…

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How to Remove Rust from Your Sink and Tub

rusty sink

Are you noticing brownish stains in your sink or your tub? If you’ve tried casually removing them but found that you couldn’t, that’s a sign you’ve got rust coming through your faucet. (Feel free to groan in frustration.) Where on earth does this rust come from? Well, from your water! More specifically, aged, rusty pipes…

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Reasons to Have a Water Softener in Phoenix

water treatment in phoenix

What does it mean if you have hard water? Well, your water is naturally filled with minerals from the environment your water came from and all the environments and water systems your water flows through before it finally gets to your home. Since water has quite a long journey before it reaches your faucet, it’s…

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Dealing With Slow-Flushing Toilets

fixture repair and installation in Scottsdale, AZ

Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors is your one-stop-shop for efficient plumbing solutions. As an expert in fixture repair and installation in Scottsdale, AZ, our main goal is to make sure that your plumbing systems, including toilets, are working properly. In this blog, we talk about how we normally deal with one of the most troublesome plumbing…

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What Chemicals Are in Tap Water?

what chemicals are in tap water

Water isn’t naturally clean. Your water is extracted from many natural sources including rivers, lakes, streams, springs, and wells. Particularly for the city of Phoenix, the Salt, Verde, and Colorado rivers are the valley’s major sources of untreated surface water, while some makes its way from the Agua Fria River as well. The rest of…

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Why Choose a Local Plumber

Plumbing can involve many unexpected issues that require immediate attention as well as an expert’s response. To quickly counter the minor problems that could become more prominent and costly, it is crucial to have a dependable industry professional from a reputable local plumbing company.  Deer Valley Plumbing shares the benefits of choosing to work with…

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Reasons to Choose Deer Valley Plumbing for Gas Line Services

gas line services

Gas lines are the hearts of our properties, helping our boilers and heaters run effectively. It’s hard to survive without these units regardless of the season. Luckily, our gas line services here at Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors are available all year round. Choosing the right plumber for your gas line installation and other gas line-related…

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Why We Treat Water and Other Insider Tips

Why We Treat Water

It might not seem like it at first glance, but there are minuscule particles floating in your water, ranging from dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium to chemicals like chlorine. These particles spoil the smell and taste of your water, and even attach to your pipes and plumbing fixtures, potentially causing major problems for your…

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