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What is a P Trap and What is it Used For?

October 15, 2021

If your drain directly flushes your waste down into your sewer line, why don’t you normally smell sewage? Well, you have your sink’s P-trap to thank for that! What Is a P-Trap? The U-shaped PVC or stainless steel pipe under your sink traps a small amount of water which mainly…

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The Cons Of High And Low Water Pressure

October 13, 2021

Did you know that both high and low water pressure can adversely affect your entire plumbing system? Well, it’s true! Fortunately, here at Deer Valley Plumbing, we have a solution to all your water pressure woes: a pressure regulator valve (or PRV for short). However, before we start talking too…

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What to Expect from a Sewer Line Repair

October 8, 2021

From inside and outside your home, there are forces regularly working in your pipes which can cause very costly damage to your sewer line. And you might be overwhelmed with the possibility of having to repair it. Thankfully there are plenty of ways you can be proactive and ease the…

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How To Clean Your Drains Without Harsh Chemicals

October 4, 2021

With all the stress that comes with a clogged drain, the quickest and easiest way to clear it is the best solution… right? While chemical-based drain-clearing products you find at any of your local grocers are easy to use, there are some costs. But there are plenty of eco-friendly, homemade…

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Choosing a Water Filtration System for Your Home

October 1, 2021
water filtration system in Peoria, AZ.

A water filtration system is among the most significant purchases for your home. However, choosing the most appropriate filtration system can be pretty overwhelming. The water filtration system plays a vital role in ensuring clean and healthy water for your household. At Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors, our goal is to…

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Tips on How to Use a Plunger Correctly

September 20, 2021

Is there anything more convenient about your home than your plumbing? It’s almost magical how water appears straight to your hands out your sink, toilet, bath, coming from who-knows-where, while just as easily vanishing your waste down your drains! But convenience doesn’t come without its persisting problems, and one all-too-common…

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8 Most Common Causes of Clogged Drainage Systems

September 17, 2021

We all have an idea of the horrors that come with a severely clogged drain system. Wastewater rushing back through your drains, flooding and spoiling your home… But you might not know how such a horrible problem happens, and if you don’t, how will you prevent it? From hygiene products…

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How to Unclog a Shower Drain with Standing Water

September 10, 2021

An all-too-common pain when it comes to your plumbing is the constant battle against clogging drains. The more you use your sinks, bathtubs, and showers, the closer you are to a clogged drain, no matter how cautious you are in preventing them. It is best to catch a clog early…

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How to Use a Drain Auger

September 3, 2021
Plumber working on Auger

Sometimes you’ve got a clog too big for your standard plunger. Fortunately, this isn’t the last option you have before calling in the professionals. Also known as plumbing snakes or drain snakes, drain augers are an affordable DIY fix for clearing your less severe drain clogging problems. Because of the…

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What to Do When You Have a Clogged Sewer Line

August 20, 2021
Fixing a Clogged Sewer Line

Throughout your home are drain pipes (or lines) that remove water and waste you’ve washed down your fixtures, including your sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and so on. Your drain lines carry your waste all the way to your sewer line, which then transfers your waste to your local sewage system. Unfortunately,…

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