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How to fix a slow or clogged drain

A lot goes down those drains. Soap, grease, dirty water, grime and all types of things can easily place a stopper in them so to speak.

The scary part is that it can happen anytime, and usually happens when you are predisposed otherwise!

These signs indicate that your drains need professional plumbing help immediately:

  • Bath tub or sink that drains at a snail’s pace
  • Drains that stink
  • A decrease in water pressure
  • Standing water in sinks, toilet, showers and tubs.

Sewer or drain clogging problems are easily solvable as long as you have the right help on your side.

How to Prevent Drain Clogging or Stoppage?

Arizona homes are quite susceptible to the problem, but it is possible to prevent or delay clogged drains.

For starters, make sure that none of your home’s drains are used as garbage chutes. Do not flush diapers, paper towels or other large objects down the toilet. Instead dispose of them properly. This stands true for the kitchen sink as well; the coffee grounds, tea bags, bones, egg shells as etc belong in the garbage disposal.

Use the drain strainer covers in the shower, kitchen and anywhere else there is a possibility of things going down the drain. Clean these strainers every few weeks and run hot water down the drains to keep them clog free.

The DIY Guide to Fixing Slow Drains!

If slow drains are a recent issue at your home, then you can try out a homemade drain opener that can clean the drains for you. Here’s how it goes:

  • Pour half a cup of baking soda down your drain. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go all the way.
  • Now dump half a cup of white vinegar in the drain. You may see some fizzing action, it’s expected!
  • Then pour a kettle full of hot, boiling water down the drain.
  • Give it a few minutes, and then turn on the faucet to check if the drain’s working like it should.

This should help you fix kitchen and toilet drains that are slower than usual. For a more powerful and longer lasting fix, you can call on professional plumbers.

The Importance of Getting Clogged Drains Fixed in a Timely Manner

Remember, a drain clog can not only slow down your drains, but disrupt your home’s entire plumbing system, cleanliness and peace as well! A severe clog needs attention from professionals who have the tools, expertise and experience to deal with it once and for all. Yes, strong drain cleaners are available in the market that promise to open the clogs in no time, but what they don’t tell you is that these chemicals also have the potential to harm and even melt old drains and pipelines, increasing your drain related troubles ten-fold!

If you have a clogged drain, or suspect one; or only need professional drain cleaning and drain snaking services to clean the lines, make sure to check out our drain cleaning services… we’re always standing by to help you.