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What IS Hydro-jetting: Plumbing's Secret Weapon

Jedi’s have lightsabers, wizards have wands… Deer Valley Plumbers have hydro-jets. If you’re having problems with your water pressure or are experiencing dirty (or gritty) water, your pipes might be due for a cleaning- but we promise it won’t be as traumatizing as the dentist. As debris builds up within pipes and on surfaces, they tend to become less functional over time. In fact, they also pose several hygiene issues which should be addressed immediately. When it comes to pipes and drains in particular, regular maintenance is of paramount importance. Here are DV Plumbing, we take hydro-jetting very seriously.

What is Hydro-jetting?

For those of you who are a little lost as to what we are referring to. Hydro-jetting is the use of high powered hoses which funnel large volumes of water at extreme pressures through piping systems. Hydro-jet cleaning is extremely effective in cleaning out pipes no matter how intensely clogged they are. We have seen hydro-jets strong enough to clear out tree roots twisted into pipes!

When pipes are severely clogged, you may need hydro jetting services. This is especially true if you see little to no improvement even after the application of drain cleaners.

What does Hydro-jetting clean?

Mainline Sewers: These are typically located under streets and are moved to municipal waste plants for treatment. Root infiltration, food or soap residue buildup, food grease accumulation, and dirt and debris can often clog these mainlines. Municipal pipe failure or residue buildup may lead to blockages in your home’s pipes. Hydro jetting is an effective way of ensuring that these blockages are cleared.

Laterals: These are the pipes that connect drainage systems to sewers and are typically under the responsibility of the property owner. These types of pipes are smaller in residential areas, but much wider for commercial buildings. Food grease, root infiltration, soap buildup and dirt and debris are often the causes of blockages.

Storm Drains: Storm Drains are those pipes which are dedicated to the collection of rainwater. This rainwater is diverted and directed directly to streams of flowing water after passing through treatment plants. Root infiltration, silt, dirt, and debris may often be the cause of drain blockage in storm drains.

Can Hydro-jetting work for other things?

Yes! In fact, hydro-jets are often used to clean all kinds of surfaces from cars to roofs. Over time, surfaces may also experience dirt and debris buildup which can turn into hardened dirt (bad for your property, health, and aesthetics). As time passes, these buildups tend to harden and create barriers to effective drainage and flow of water. This is where Hydro jetting practices come into play as the most effective methods of blasting away the dirt. While on a smaller scale, chemical cleaners and drain snakes can be implemented, they can only go so far.

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Deer Valley Plumbing teams are equipped to handle your toughest hydro-jet clean up jobs, anywhere, any time. Most of the seriously problematic pipe issues can be traced back to improper drainage or clogs. Have a professional come out and clean your pipes regularly in order to avoid permanent damages and catch plumbing clogs before they catch you!