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What Is The Best Water Softener for Healthy Skin and Hair

If you live in an area with hard water, you might see the spots on your dishes in the dishwasher or the white lines inside your coffee maker, but did you know that hard water can have other damaging effects as well? Hard water can ruin your home’s pipes and hurt appliances like the washing machines, ice maker in your refrigerator, and cause faucets and shower heads to develop crusty white debris. It can even damage your skin and make your hair look drab. Luckily, the right type of water softener can protect your house from clogged pipes and subsequent water leaks as well as lengthen the life of your household appliances. All you have to do is pick the best water softener for you.

Salt Water Softener

Water softeners have traditionally used salt as a means to softening the water. These softeners replace the minerals in hard water with sodium using a process called ion exchange. This system has two tanks that sit inside the water softener. One tank hold resin beads, sometimes referred to as polystyrene beads or zeolite, while the other tank holds salt and a liquid brine. Water flows through the resin tank where the positively charged molecules in the water are drawn to the negatively charged resin beads. Then the minerals attach themselves to the beads and the water takes on sodium ions. As a result, the water now contains salt rather than minerals.

Benefits of Salt Water Softeners

The benefit of water softened with salt is that it does not leave scale deposits that once damaged for appliances, faucets, and bathroom fixtures. Interestingly, water softened with salt has a kind of “slick” feeling, which is preferable for many people with dry skin for the softened water doesn’t cause as much dryness as hard water. It also causes soaps and detergents to produce more bubbles in this water than in hard water and many people say that salt-softened water does a better job cleaning than water without salt. These are just a few reasons why salt may be the best water softener for you.

Salt-Free Water Softeners

Some consumers favor water softeners that do not use salt. Unlike salt systems, salt-free water softeners do not actually make the water soft by removing the mineral deposits, instead, the salt-free water softeners neutralize the minerals in the water so they do not cling to anything. The household water runs through a catalytic media causing the minerals to change into a crystal that does not stick to surfaces, which means not mineral buildup in your house.

These systems can work quite well, yet they have some differences to the salt-based system.

  • First, water from the salt-free water softeners does not have that slick feeling when you touch it. Some people prefer the slick feeling as it makes their skin and hair feel and look healthier.
  • Also, many industry experts consider the salt-free water softeners to be less effective at tasks like cleaning laundry, hair, and skin.
  • Also, instead of refilling this softener with salt on occasion like the salted water softeners, you will need to replace the filter from time to time.

The Watertech SoftMAX Water Softener

All things considered, we’ve found that our customers and technicians prefer the Watertech SoftMAX™ Water Softener. The SoftMAX™ is a fully automated, cost-effective water softener that delivers superior water quality at an affordable price. It eliminates hardness, iron, and manganese while improving your home’s water efficiency by up to 40 percent over other water softeners. This fully programmable softener also boasts the ability to save you money by improving hot water heater efficiency by up to 30 percent. You can cut down on soap and cleaning supply use by up to 50per and extend the life of your dishwasher, coffee maker, shower head, and any other appliance and mechanisms that utilize your household water. Additionally, we love the SoftMAX because of its commercial-grade components that provide long-lasting durability.

For more information about the SoftMAX water softener or for a free quote, call our water experts today. Our team will help you determine if a water softener makes sense in your home and whether or not the SoftMAX is the best water softener for you.