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Deciding to remodel any part of your house can be a daunting task, let alone one of the spaces that you use the most – the bathroom. While renovating this area can add value to your home and increase the aesthetic appeal, there is a lot that goes into it behind the scenes. The most important and equally difficult process is related to the plumbing. As you might guess, there is a lot that would need to be considered in this department for a bathroom renovation. From water lines to gas lines, we’ll talk about the plumbing basics and give you suggestions so that you can have the bathroom of your dreams.

Plumbing Basics To Keep In Mind Before You Start A Remodel

Bathroom remodels are a lot of work and can be tricky to do yourself, since there are so many steps involved and it can be a lot to handle. While it is no easy task, experienced contractors always take the steps necessary to have it go smoothly. It is still important to know what is involved and the plumbing basics so that you can be prepared, ask questions, and estimate your cost. The main things to educate yourself on and the three main areas of focus when it comes to remodeling a bathroom has to do with different lines found in the space. These are all important and require a lot of work to install and reroute properly.

Drain Line Re-Routing

The drain lines are the pipes that take water and waste out to the sewage systems from your bathroom. These are commonly referred to as DWV pipes, or drain-waste-vent lines because there are three steps to the process. The drain pipes carry the water from sinks, tubs, and showers. Then there are the waste pipes, which deal with the waste and water from your toilets. The last element is the vent pipes, which let air through and promote a healthy flow of material, while also removing smelly gasses.

The Process: The process of rerouting involves taking a saw to move and rearrange the existing pipes in order to still connect them to the main sewer line. Waste lines are also fitted with lines that are easily accessible, called cleanouts, that allow for blockages to be taken care of with little intrusion. It is easy to imagine the consequences of a poorly installed drain line, or what a mistake made during the process might cost you as a homeowner.

Water Line Re-Routing

To prevent leaks in the future and to make sure your pipes are in tip-top shape, rerouting water lines is a key step in the bathroom remodeling process. A lot of lines when they are initially installed are laid in a concrete slab that makes them difficult to reroute. A contractor will most likely move these so that they are located in the walls or ceilings of the room.

Benefits: There are also special flexible tubing that is a great choice to use in a remodel, as it reduces the chance of its leaks because of it’s pliability. A great thing about re-routing water lines is that it involves the installation of new pipes, which means benefits such as increased water pressure and cleaner water in general.

Gas Line Re-Routing

The concept of gas line re-routing ties in with the general DWV pipes, or the drain-waste-vent pipes. The portion of the DWV pipes that gas lines are attributed to are the vent lines. These are responsible for letting sewer air and smells escape while allowing things to flow through without getting blocked. The importance of this type of pipe is crucial, as sewer leaks are not a fun thing to deal with.

Health Risks: While the smell itself is not pleasant, it also poses a much greater risk if it is inhaled too much. The sulfur and methane gasses that emit from leaks or damaged gas lines are toxic and can even, in extreme cases result in a fire. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, it is vital to have an experienced professional take care of re-routing gas lines properly and checking to make sure they are strong and stable.

Get A Quality New Bathroom With Deer Valley Plumbing

As you can see, there are plumbing basics involved in a bathroom remodel. Drain, water, and gas lines all need special attention and experience to be rerouted properly. Our team at Deer Valley Plumbing is licensed and trained to handle all the elements in your bathroom remodeling adventure. They are always happy to answer questions about the process and walk you through things step by step so that you can rest assured things are done right. Contact us today to set your plans into motion for a great new bathroom!

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