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The smell of rotten eggs may be the first indication that you have a gas line leak. If you smell something rotten, call a qualified plumber in Phoenix, AZ right away. Deer Valley Plumbing is here to help with any gas line problems.

Here are four other signs you may need a gas line repair in Phoenix, AZ.

1. You Hear a Hissing Sound

Old gas lines can develop pinhole leaks, especially around solder joints. If you have a faint hissing sound when the gas is turned on, it may be due to a gas leak. Get a professional out right away to assess the situation.

In some cases, a quick repair is all that’s needed. However, if the pinhole leak is a sign of a bigger problem, you may need a full gas line installation in Phoenix, AZ.

2. You See Cracks or Corrosion in the Line

At least once a year, take a close look at your home’s gas lines. Make sure they are in good condition. Have a professional do gas line maintenance in Phoenix, AZ regularly.

If you see any cracks or corrosion, give us a call right away.

3. You See a Jump in Your Gas Bill

A good sign that you have a gas line problem is a substantial increase in your gas bill. Your bill may be in the normal range one month and then double that the next. That’s a sign you need a gas line repair or gas line replacement in Phoenix, AZ.

4. You Have Slow Appliances

In most homes, ovens, stoves, and dryers are common appliances that use gas. If your appliances aren’t performing as good as they did before, the cause may be a problem in your gas line.

Call Deer Valley Plumbing right away if you ever need gas line services in Phoenix, AZ.

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