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Choosing to remodel your home is no small task. One doesn’t often decide on a whim to build another bedroom, add a guest house, or build a second story. Perhaps the kids moving back home? Or you’ve decided to take in your elderly parents? Or are you just addicted to those remodeling shows? Whatever the reason you’ve got a lot of planning in front of you. One commonly overlooked area is the plumbing. If you’re going to do so in Scottsdale, AZ, you need to know about some serious plumbing codes that could add thousands to your remodel budget. Read through these six quick plumbing regulation tips before you make plans to change your house. It may save you a bundle.

Plumbing Renovation Tips

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The city of Scottsdale is known nationally as a wonderful place to live, work, and play. Besides the great food establishments and pristine golf courses, the homes draw folks from everywhere. Some of the neighborhoods are new, but a large majority are classic older homes, which means Scottsdale residents may want to upgrade, remodel, or add-on to their properties. If you find that you are looking into remodeling your Scottsdale home, call our experts are Deer Valley Plumbing. We can help you navigate these tricky questions and determine exactly what, if any, plumbing upgrades you’ll need to make with your remodel.

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