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Unexpected leaks can lead to a lot of problems in your home including structural damage, high water bills and expensive clean-ups. Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors is a trusted plumber in Glendale, AZ. We offer plumbing services including identifying and fixing leaks. Here are some of the adverse effects of leaks.

Mold Growth

Mold are biological contaminants that thrive in areas with high water moisture. Water from leaks can encourage the growth of mold in your home which is very costly to remove and can cause structural damage. You may not notice the growth of mold immediately but when you do, ensure you contact emergency plumbing services to have your leaks fixed.

Poor Health

Leakages in your home can result in a number of health problems for your household. It is best to have your home inspected for any leaks and repaired right away. Mold and other biological contaminants can cause health issues such as:

Sinus congestion, Nose and skin irritation, Fatigue, Rashes, Fatigue, Throat Fever

Leaks facilitate the growth and spread of mold which can also trigger allergies and asthma attacks. They can also contaminate drinking water. When contaminated water is consumed, it can result in health problems such as bacterial infections and stomach viruses. You may need professional medical attention if you experience these symptoms and plumbing repairs to fix any leaks.

Fire Damage

Water damage brought by leaks can lead to fire damage. When water tampers with the electrical wiring in the attic, it can create a spark when you turn on the device and lead to a fire. This will also lead to damage to the electrical system and costly repair fees.

Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors is a plumbing company serving Glendale, AZ and the nearby areas. We have a large and highly experienced team of experts equipped with the most advanced equipment to perform our work efficiently.

Contact us today for any emergency plumbing services.

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