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Buying a home can be an exciting time and the last thing you want to think about are plumbing warning signs that a professional should be inspecting. However, there are some obvious signs to look for during your home search that will make you want to tell your Realtor, next home please. Nothing is worse than finding out the home you just bought has plumbing that’s in terrible condition. Many real estate agents won’t tell you to look for these issues in fear that you won’t buy the home, and others are just unaware of the consequences their client will face when buying a home with bad plumbing. If you’re out looking at open houses or have recently purchased a new home, make sure to double check for these clear signs that there’s something wrong with plumbing system of the home.

Plumbing Warning Signs for Your Drains

An easy way to spot a plumbing issue is by checking how your drains work in sinks and drains of your bathroom and kitchen. If you experience the sound of running water long after you’ve flushed a toilet, there could be an obstruction in the pipes. Also check the faucets throughout the house and check if they sputter when turned on. If more than one does this for a consistent time period, there’s more than likely a crack in the pipes. A clogged sink with low water pressure will drain unbelievably slow, which also applies to toilets as well. Any one of these issues is a sure sign that it’s time to get your drains cleaned otherwise the pipe may begin leaking or rattling, which will be an expensive fix.

Plumbing Warning Signs for Water Heater Malfunctions

When your water heater has issues, many things can get damaged. You may notice water damage on the walls, or even cracks in the foundation and walls. If the house you have purchased or are currently looking at is old, cracks may be common, but if they have popped up recently they are undoubtedly a problem. Impairment of your water heater may also show through water running cold suddenly, or your heating bill increasing unusually due to the system working harder because it’s malfunctioning. Watch out for rusty coloration in the water or pools around the water heater tank. It’s important to check all exposed pipes to avoid having to pay to tear down the walls and flooring when the water damage becomes too detrimental for simple repair.

What Your Realtor Can Do To Help

Under certain circumstances, your Realtor or the Seller’s Agent may be held responsible for not informing you of plumbing damages, and will assist you in moving forward. The first thing to revisit is your Purchasing Agreement, if the contract stated that the house is purchased “as is”, the seller will not generally be liable for the plumbing’s poor condition. Another factor would be that if you were aware that the house was older, but refused to do a home inspection that would have detected the plumbing problem right away, you’ll be held responsible for making that decision. If the problem could not have been identified despite a home inspection, the blame may fall back on the seller. Reviewing the Real Estate Law will help deduce whether you will receive financial help with your post purchase complication.

Which Plumbing Service to Call

No matter your situation, finding a reliable Phoenix plumber is going to be the best option when you notice a problem with your new house’s plumbing. Deer Valley Plumbing offers a diverse selection of services that are available all day, every day of the week. Many plumbing problems have DIY solutions if you have the proper tools and knowledge to follow the instructions clearly. However, if you’re unsure of your own skills, consider hiring a professional so that your damaged pipes and water heater can be fixed simply and swiftly.

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