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While there are federal and state standards in place to ensure your home’s water is safe to use,  there are still contaminants and harsh minerals floating in your water despite the efforts of the City of Phoenix’s water treatment process.  Unfortunately, the presence of these pollutants is observable, affecting the look and taste of your water, as well as having negative effects on your body and home plumbing system.

In fact, there really isn’t much regulation when it comes to your water’s hardness – all those non-toxic, yet destructive minerals flowing through your pipes, fixtures, and plumbing appliances. These minerals scale and cause pipe, drain, and appliance clogging, requiring more frequent flushing of your water heater, for instance.

Furthermore, the city uses chlorine as a disinfectant in your water and has a regulated minimum of how much chlorine should remain in your water on it’s way to your home. This presence of chlorine in your water may even explain why you experience dry skin and hair after a shower.

Reverse Osmosis systems have been a go-to solution for Phoenix homeowners in combating water pollution and hardness issues because of their effectiveness and affordability. Let’s look at a few of the immediate benefits of having a Reverse Osmosis System in Phoenix.

Benefits of Having a Reverse Osmosis System in Phoenix 

There is a wide range of benefits to installing an RO system, improving the overall quality of life in your home! From making your water healthier to preserving the life of your appliances, it’s easy to see why so many Phoenix homeowners end up installing an RO system.

reverse osmosis system phoenix

Effectively Removes Contaminants

RO systems further filter your water by passing it through a semipermeable membrane dedicated to removing contaminants from your water.  These contaminants can include chlorine, fluoride, lead, and even proteins produced by bacteria.

There are different types of RO systems you can install in your home plumbing system, and the water treatment process looks different depending on which one you choose. Some of the most popular options include:

3-Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems

4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems

5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems


Easy to Maintain

Another benefit of RO systems is that they are also typically easy to maintain as they are conveniently accessible and normally require a simple filter change.

Energy Efficient

Did you know an RO system requires no electricity? It depends upon your home’s water pressure for its filtration process. This also means you’re saving some money on your electric bill. Score!

Clean Water On Demand

Your RO-filtered water connects straight to your tap – so no need for any roundabout process or another device to get drinking your fresh, purified water!

Your Water Tastes Better

One of the biggest benefits of an RO system is that the taste, look, and smell of your water will only improve as your water hardness is improved. This happens by removing much of the minerals floating through your water line which naturally affects the aesthetics of your tap water.

Your Water is Easier on Your Appliances

Because your water is softer – which means less contaminated by minerals –  scale buildup and stains resulting from calcium and magnesium are dramatically reduced. This actually ends up preserving the life of your appliances in the long term.

Soaps and Detergents Work Better

Your hygiene products are unable to dissolve easily in hard water as they react to minerals like calcium and magnesium. This can end up drying out your skin and hair no matter how much you spent on that fancy new product.

When it comes to your dishware, you might notice “water spots,” which means your hard water is making it difficult for your detergents to perform! An RO system can save you lots of polishing time the next time your in-laws come over for dinner.

benefits of reverse osmosis system

Where can you use a reverse osmosis system? 

You can have whole-home systems installed (this is especially easier to do if a newer home is being built), or simply use an RO unit for particular parts of your home – there’s a wide range of options.

Some of the most common places to install units are:

RO systems set up for your whole home will reach all your faucets and appliances, but are also typically dedicated to a particular sink (kitchen, bathroom, etc.).

Water Filtration Services from Deer Valley Plumbing

Deer Valley Plumbing offers a wide range of products to ensure you have enough options available to fit the particular needs of your home and budget.

Some of our most popular RO systems include:

If you’re thinking about getting a Reverse Osmosis system in Phoenix for your own home, or want to get the most out of the one you already own, feel free to contact us and schedule a consultation with our expert plumbers. We’d be glad to help you improve the quality of your home’s water.

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