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Have you ever wondered what happened that time you came home from the grocery store, and the house was flooded? Let’s get to the bottom of those freak plumbing emergencies and broken pipes in your home!
Here a few reasons why you have broken pipes in your home:

While this cause is less likely in the Phoenix area, it is still one of the major causes of broken pipes. Eighth grade science tells us the water in the pipes exposed to frigid air will freeze. When this happens, the water in the pipes expands as it turns into ice. In the meantime, water can still be flowing in between the frozen walls of the pipes. The frozen ice and the pressure of the flowing water becomes too much and you end up with broken pipes!

Water Pressure
This is the more common situation when it comes to Arizona homes. When something in your house gets clogged, it puts a lot of pressure on your pipes. It can be anything from a clogged toilet or the water pump itself! When the pressure becomes too much for your pipes to handle, they expand, leading to broken pipes. This can happen suddenly if you are not doing routine maintenance on your water pump and bathroom fixtures.

Corrosion is the act of gradual destruction of a surface by a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction in this case would be caused by the acidity of the water. Water that’s very acidic will cause corrosion, however alkaline water will cause limescale build up. A limescale build up can actually decrease your chances of pinhole leaks – as the limescale acts as a sort of internal coating. Acidic water will start to wear away at the pipe’s internal coating rapidly decreasing its strength.

Poor Workmanship
If you have taken all precautionary steps and you still find a broken pipe, it is more than likely the issue of poor quality workmanship. The service who last performed your plumbing may have caused an issue by passing something over or simply not knowing better.

When Pipes Break, Give Us A Call

When it comes to broken pipes in your home, the main causes you will find are because of freezing, water pressure buildup, and corrosion- and sometimes poor workmanship. These areas will, more likely than not, be the very reason your home just got flooded. Heaven forbid this actually happening, but if your pipes burst, there is only one place to call. The experts at Deer Valley Plumbing have your back! We have emergency service, same day appointments, pricing over the phone, and an extremely friendly staff. To learn more, you can call (623) 294-4986

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