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A water filtration system is among the most significant purchases for your home. However, choosing the most appropriate filtration system can be pretty overwhelming. The water filtration system ensures clean and healthy water for your household. We aim to provide exceptional water treatment services at Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors. Here are helpful tips when choosing a water filtration system in Peoria, AZ.

Consider the Water Content

Your water filtration system largely depends on the type of water contaminants within your local area. It will help if you contact an expert to enhance your home’s water purification services. A professional home water test determines the contaminant content in the water. Such contaminants include bacteria, chlorine, and pesticides. Home water tests also point out the water’s hardness and pH.

The Type of Filtration Technology

Typically, water filtration systems come with various technologies. Therefore, finding the appropriate filtration technique is crucial to ensure excellent water conditioning services.

Carbon filters are helpful in the case of chlorine, radon, and benzene pollution. These filters are also effective for eliminating VOCs, pesticides, and herbicides. Reverse osmosis filtration systems are the best for removing lead, sulfates, protozoa, and bacterial contaminants. Usually, RO filters work together with carbon filters to provide clean water.
Ceramic filters are highly beneficial if you want to get rid of dirt and bacteria. In addition, distillation systems come in handy for removing biological contaminants.

The Filter Type

There are several water filtration types from which to choose. Your filter choice depends on your budget and specific water filtration goals.

Faucet-mount and countertop filters are the most common water filtration systems for most households. Alternatively, you could go for pitcher or under-sink filtration systems.
Shower filters remove chlorine and airborne microbes. If you’re looking to minimize chlorine contamination, it will help if you get a whole-house water filter. Consider working with an expert who offers water treatment services to determine the most suitable water filtration system for your needs.

Water Softener Installation

Water hardness promotes limescale buildup in your plumbing system and appliances. Limescale accumulation clogs the pipes and could damage your home appliances. Professional water softener installation is vital to prevent recurring clogs and frequent appliance malfunctions.

Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors is your expert local plumber. Contact us today to ensure quality water for your household all year round.

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