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If you have hard water in your home, you may want to consider water treatment services in Phoenix, AZ. Hard water can cause several issues in your home that can be prevented with the proper treatment services. Deer Valley Plumbing discusses the different problems you may encounter:

Unit’s Shorter Lifespan

Unfortunately, hard water commonly decreases the lifespan of your hot water heater. Usually, the system lasts from eight to 10 years, but if your home has hard water, the heater may only last four to six years. As a result, you can feel as though you have wasted money on your heater. You may want to get a new water filtration system in Phoenix, AZ as a result.

Visible Mineral Buildup

With hard water, you can clearly see mineral buildup around your sink and bathtub faucets. They show up as a white film that is practically impossible to eliminate simply through scrubbing. Water softener installation in Phoenix, AZ can fix this problem, but you can also use a special cleaner specifically made to tackle lime deposits from hard water as well.

Residue in Tubs and Showers

You may want to get water conditioning services in Phoenix, AZ for hard water. It can prevent another common issue involving residue found in your tub and shower. Hard water consists of high calcium and prevents soap from dissolving, which leads to this issue. The soap scum sticks to surfaces and is difficult to even scrub away, resulting in a dull-looking tub or shower.

Spots on Your Dishes and Glasses

The effects of hard water can also show up on your dishes and glasses. When you wash them, you are left with cloudy spots that seemingly never go away. It doesn’t matter if you use a dishwasher or hand-wash your dishes as this is a persistent problem. Water treatment services in Phoenix, AZ can help.

Toilet Flushes Too Slowly

Due to mineral deposits, your toilet can flush too slowly when you have hard water. You may also experience clogging as the deposits build in the tank, which results in the corrosion of the internals and reduces the lifespan of your toilet. You can get water purification services in Phoenix, AZ to prevent this problem.

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