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Though there are numerous plumbing disasters we can think of off the top of our heads, none are as immediately devastating as cracked drains. From smelly kitchens to deadly diseases, cracked drains ruin pipes, rooms, and health. It’s time to crack down on cracked drains (even if they’re hard to spot). Let’s go hunting!

Cracked Drains: What to Look For

Think cracked drains and their symptoms are confined to outdoors? Think again. They actually occur just a frequently inside the home (behind showers and under sinks). Cracked drains can lead to collapsed drains, and if your collapsed drain is in the right spot, it could cause a drain line back-up, which could backflow dirty water back into your tubs and toilets.

Keep a watch out for these cracked drain symptoms:

Although many other plumbing issues can cause the aforementioned signs and symptoms, cracked drains are one of the biggest culprits. As you may have realized, it’s always better to call a professional plumber to analyze your plumbing and diagnose the underlying problem before the situation worsens.

DIY Tips for Fixing Cracked Drains

There are numerous techniques to repair cracked drains, but the most important step is to understand the underlying cause of the problem. In almost all situations, replacing a cracked drain is better than fixing it. Nevertheless, there may be some cases where a drain cannot be replaced due to a limited budget, an inaccessible location of the drain, or other factors.

Follow these steps for quick fixes for cracked drains:

Patch the cracked pipe. For this purpose, you can use a C-clamp and heavy rubber. Different types of drain-patching kits are also available in the market. Apply water-resistant tape to the cracked part of pipe. It is important to let the pipe dry out completely before applying tape. Make sure to add tape such that it covers at least 3 inches on both sides of the crack.
Apply epoxy to the cracked pipe. Let the pipe dry out before adding epoxy. Replace the drain’s cracked section as it can serve as a better solution than patching.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

A cracked drain can be the victim of improper installation, poor insulation, or even harsh weather conditions (Arizona heat!). Regardless of the underlying cause, you just can’t deny the frustration a cracked pipe can cause. A cracked drain needs immediate attention from plumbing experts who are trained to handle the task. Yes, you can fix these cracks using patching kits available in the market, but they offer only temporary results.

Don’t let the situation get out of your hands and avail the smoke testing services of Deer Valley Plumbing Professionals to identify plumbing cracks on time. Leave it to the professional plumbing hunters to find those hard-to-see cracked drains and get your house back to 100%.

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