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At some point in a homeowner’s life, they will experience the troubles of a clogged or blocked drain pipe. Whether it be in the bathroom or kitchen, it’s very common for drain pipes to become blocked by debris or some form of mineral buildup. You may also lose something down the drain that you really care about and need to fish out immediately. There are many tactics that plumber’s use as a drain unblocker, and here are some of the most reliable techniques to use:

Drain Unblocker: Snake Line

The easiest way for a plumber to unclog a drain is to use a snake line down the drain to reach and pull out whatever is block the pipe. Drain snakes can remove debris, build up, sediment, grease, soap scum, or root infiltration. When this doesn’t work, a professional will most likely use an in-pipe video inspection tool to confirm what is blocking the drain and what the best method is to get it out smoothly, which is often hydro-jetting the pipe to clear away all the blockage. This is the best drain unblocker technique because it gets the job done without damaging the pipe or having to tear out anything around the pipe.

Drain Unblocker: U-Bend Repair

Removing and cleaning out the u-bend is a good backup plan for especially stubborn blocked drains. The u-bend is located at the first bend in the pipe underneath your sink and can be loosened by unscrewing the plastic fitting until it starts leaking. After letting the water drain out into a bucket, you can remove the u-bend and physically pull out any objects obstructing the pipe. This can very easily become messy if you are not experienced in removing the u-bend and it is sometimes more productive to have professional assistance in trying out this drain unblocker method.

Drain Unblocker: DIY Tips

For more minor clogs that you think you can handle yourself, here are some tricks you can try at home. For sink, toilet, and tub clogs, partially fill your sink or tub with water and then start plunging over the drain. Tub drains also require using wire to pull out hair, which is generally the main cause of bathtub drain blockage. When your toilet is clogged, run a closet auger through the bowl of the toilet and then flush it to clear the drain pipe afterwards. And if any of your rooms have floor drains, you’ll have to remove the strainer, use a wrench to pull out the clean-out plug, and snake a cable through the trap. Once you’ve finished, rinse the drain with hot water and you’ve successfully earned the title of a drain unblocker!

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Some drain clogs will be easy to deal with while others require much more caution and patience to clear out. The main objective should be to never damage your pipes in the process of unclogging your drain. Plumbers at Deer Valley Plumbing can assist you in fixing your impaired pipes or offering advice on what projects are easy to complete by yourself. It’s best to have a professional’s opinion when it comes to keeping your drain pipe lines clean and functioning.

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