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Your water bill is the best indicator for this. If you notice your water bill is steadily increasing or sudden increase of water usage that cannot be explained. You might have a water leak.

Here are a few things to look at:

• Compare your water bills month to month.

• Low water pressure or a noticeable drop in water flow.

• Check under sinks and cabinets regularly.

• A dripping faucet or sink.

• A toilet that keeps running.

• Hot or cold spots on your floors.

• Outside your home check for leaking spigots.

• Standing water, sinkholes or potholes.

• Check your water meter.

Do you know where your water meter is?Your water meter is usually located in the front of your home near the curb with a cover over it.Usually rectangle with the word “water” on it.It will be either metal or plastic.The water meter and the shut off valve are inside the meter box.

• Make sure no water is on or being used inside or outside your home.

• Using a large screwdriver, carefully lift off the lid.

Be aware of anything lurking underneath the lid or inside the meter area.

• A slow leak might take up to two hours to show on the meter

• If you see the meter is moving, there just might be a fast leak.


Detecting water leaks early can avoid damage to your home and property as well as that of surrounding properties. The sooner you have the water leak detected and fixed, the less likely it is to cause more damage and increase your water bill and usage.

Water leaks might be tricky to detect. Recognizing these signs and symptoms along with hiring a reputable professional plumber to do the necessary repairs will not only save you time, it will also save you money.

If you think you have a leak call a professional. At Deer Valley Plumbing we can help you find and repair your water leak. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Got plumbing problems? We can fix that.

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