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The danger of gas lines leaking in your home is something you should always be aware of. Having a professional perform a gas line inspection regularly is the best way to ensure the safety of your home and plumbing lines. The tricky thing about gas leaks is that sometimes they produce specific odors, or no odor at all. Knowing gas leak smells is essential to fixing your gas lines before they become an expensive repair job. Here are a few things that are similar to a gas leak smell that you should pay attention to:

1. Different Gas Leak Smells

Gas line leaks are easiest to detect when they give off a potent odor. Most people generally know how regular gas smells, but not many know that natural gas used in your home has no smell at all. Utility companies have added a substance to it that makes it smell like rotten eggs, so that you may notice it easier. If you smell a gas leak, do not wait for a gas line inspection to evacuate the building. You shouldn’t even use your cell phone inside because you could potentially harm yourself as your phone can create a spark. You should shut down all appliances and move a safe distance away from your home until a utility investigator declares the area safe.

2. Gas Leaks Can Make Noises

It’s highly possible that your gas line doesn’t produce a smell when it’s leaking. If this is the case, then you’ll have to look for other hints of a leak around your home. One way to identify a gas leak is to listen for noises such as a roaring or hissing sound in the inside your house or garage, or if you hear a bubbling noise in the standing water near your pipeline area. If you hear any of these noises, call to schedule a gas line inspection immediately. Just because your leak has no gas leak smell doesn’t mean your pipes are in great condition, it’s best to make the smart decision that will keep your family and home safe! Gas leaks not only increases the risk of fire damage but also monoxide poisoning.

3. Other Gas Leak Signs to Look Out For

If there is no gas leak smell or you can’t hear the problem, there are physical signs that you may notice around your home or building. An example would be finding dead grass or other rotten vegetation in your pipeline area. As Arizona is extremely dusty, also watch out for dirt blowing in the air near the pipeline area. The last two signs are less likely but still important to recognize; when you notice a damaged connection to a gas pipeline or an exposed pipeline after an natural disaster has occurred. Being aware of these signs will help you avoid the danger of leaking gas lines and keep your surrounding neighborhood in good condition by calling in for a gas line inspection ASAP.

Who Can Inspect Your Gas Lines

Gas lines are hidden, which is why it’s so difficult to identify whether they are damaged or not. Not keeping your gas lines maintained is the leading cause for damage to people’s homes, buildings, and neighborhoods. Knowing what to smell, hear, and look for when it comes to gas leaks is the most advantageous way to avoid any costly repairs. Deer Valley Plumbing offers a leak detection service that will assist you in locating and fixing your damaged pipes. Our plumbers will let you know how often you should get your gas lines checked as well as the state of your main pipeline and when it needs to be replaced. If you have any reason to suspect a gas leak, step outside and call us immediately.

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