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If you are experiencing partial stoppage, i.e. the sink is emptying up slowly, there are certain things you can do to alleviate the situation. First, clean the pop-up of hair and any gunk that may have accumulated under it over time. Then make sure that the drain strainer is clean of any deposits as well. And lastly you can try a homemade drain opener i.e. boiling vinegar down the drain to see if it opens up.

Build-up collects over time, reducing the diameter of the drain and slowing down the draining water. This can’t usually be avoided, and only delayed by regular clean-ups and maintenance. These are the only two things to be done that can fix a slow draining sink.

the readily available drain cleaning chemicals are not the best products to use for clearing your drains. The reason why is these cleaners use strong chemicals which can corrode drain pipes easily and cause long-term and expensive damage to your homes pipe lines. Not to mention, they just don’t work that well.

Whether it’s the bathroom sink that has been affected by this issue, or the kitchen sink, both can be fixed easily.

Get Help for Cleaning Debris Build-Up in Sink

Plumbers can also help your drains back into running condition especially if they are clogged up bad. Drain video inspection and drain snaking is the preferred method for opening and maintaining sewer and drain lines for plumbers.

Video inspection determines what is causing the sewer or drain line problem. Drain Snaking or Rodding is the most widespread method for opening the debris build up in a sink drain. Your plumber will bring the right snaking equipment for to clear up the sediments and stoppages in the drain line.

If you’d like to find out more about professional drain opening services or if you are looking for licensed experienced plumbers you can check out our services page here.

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