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It truly is the gauntlet of death. Much like the beloved book series and show, our home toilets are the place of some of the most gruesome events in our homes. Toilets truly stand the test of time (and patience with all the crap they put up with, for that matter). When that rumble of pipes begins and you know a battle approacheth, do you know how to fix a toilet? Isn’t the question always to repair or to replace?

How to Fix a Toilet: Struggle for the Iron Throne

Leaking toilets can cause quite a nuisance, which needs to be taken care of right away. This problem is relatively easy to fix, and you can do it yourself most of the time. For how to fix a toilet with simple running water problems, there is a basic set of tools you should have ready: a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a small wire brush, a sponge, some white vinegar, and extra rags. Apart from these things you might also need tank bolt gaskets along with a spud washer.

How to Fix a Toilet: Where’s the Problem?

Condensation from Water Temperatures

The water on the floor of your bathroom near the toilet might have dripped from the outer walls of the toilet tank. Why so much? This concentration or collection of water may be caused by sharp difference in temperature of the water in the tank and the air outside the tank.

Toilet Tank Leak

Another reason for the water on the bathroom floor might be a leak in the toilet tank. It is fairly simple to check for one. All you have to do is remove the lid of the tank (be very careful with it as it is heavy and sometimes slippery). Next you should add organic colors, like some food color, to it but do not flush. Wait for the color to mix in the water and note the color of the solution. Wait for an hour and then check; if the water on the bathroom floor is the same color as the solution you noted earlier, then you have a leaking toilet tank.

Leaking shut-off valve

One other reason for the water on your bathroom floor could be a leaking shut off valve. Check the connection of the pipe located behind the shut off valve. If there is water leaking, you’ve found your problem!

Steps on How to Fix a Toilet

We’ll keep this as simple as possible (wouldn’t want to make any more of a mess, now would we?). Here are the steps for how to fix minor toilet leaks. Remember, you’ll want to call DVP plumbing services in Phoenix if you discover anything more serious! Just call us Mercenaries of the Porcelain Throne…

Step 1
First thing you should do is to turn the water off and shut off the valve which is located below the tank. You will have to turn the shutoff valve clockwise.

Step 2
Make sure that the flush tank is empty by flushing the toilet, and then use a sponge to absorb the remaining water in the tank.

Step 3
Next you should use an adjustable wrench to hold onto the nut at the bottom of the tank. Then use a screwdriver to unscrew the nuts.

Step 4
Then you separate the tank from the bowl.

Step 5
After that, remove the spud washer using an adjustable wrench in order to get it to turn.

Step 6
Use the new spud washer that you have brought and attach it to the spud nut.

Step 7
Next you will have to replace the old gasket with the old one. For this you need to remove the old gasket and clean the tank holes with a wire brush.

Step 8
Attach the new gasket with each bolt. You need to make sure that the gaskets are placed correctly onto each bolt.

Step 9
Attach the tank to the bowl. When performing this step you must ensure that you do not tighten the screws more than you have to, otherwise you run the risk of cracking the tank.

Toilet Repair in Phoenix AZ

Call the Mercenaries of the Porcelain Throne at Deer Valley Plumbing any day, any time for fast and reliable toilet repair! We are available at any hour for emergency plumbing services in Phoenix AZ or to answer questions about how to fix a toilet.

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