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Metal water pipes are usually made of copper which is good at handling extreme hot and cold temperatures, however, at times these pipes may witness corrosion due to the hot and cold water usage. You should take the following steps to fix corroded pipes:

Step 1: Find the Corroding pipes

The best way is to start by looking at the beginning of the pipe as this is the place from where the greatest volume of water flows. The sheer volume of water may cause corrosion. The other way is to look around the joints where the swirling effect of the water may cause corrosion. Once you have found the damaged area you can either use the quick patch method to fix it or you can use the cut and replace method. The difference between the two is that the patch will cost less but will only be for a short while, whereas the replacement method is more long lasting.

Step 2: Quick and easy patch for damaged pipes

The only thing that you need for this method is pair of protective gloves and a tape to wrap around the damaged area. This method is a quick fix and should not be used for any major damages.

Step 3: Prepare for cutting the corrosive pipe

If the pipe has been damaged severely than you need to use the cut and replace method. Here, firstly you will need a bucket to store any water that might come out; furthermore, you need to mark the damaged section with a pen so that you know which section to cut.

Step 4: Cutting and replacing the pipe

For this step you can either use the tubing cutter or the hacksaw to cut the corroded pipe and replace it with a new pipe of equal size that is attached using couplings.

If Doing it Yourself Doesn’t Sound Right, You Can Always Call a Plumber

Instead of going through tedious the procedures you can opt for professional help. You can get plumbing help for your corroded pipes. This could prove to be easier and quicker as these plumbers are professionals and have the required tools to perform the job.

If you’d like to find out more about professional pipe replacement services or if you are looking for licensed experienced plumbers you can check out our services page here.

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