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Sometimes, you’ve got a clog too big for your standard plunger. Fortunately, this isn’t your last option before calling in the professionals. Also known as plumbing snakes or drain snakes, drain augers are an affordable DIY fix for clearing your less severe drain clogging problems. Because of the snake’s rubber surface, you can feed it down your toilet or drain without worrying about damaging your fixtures or pipeline, making it a safe way to attempt to clear your clog.

Steps to Using a Drain Auger

A drain auger is simple and effective if you understand its functions and follow an easy, repeatable procedure.

First and foremost, keep an eye out for any signs of clogging, including:

Gurgling Sounds: You’ll hear odd sounds that seem to be coming from your fixtures, even long after you’ve stopped using them. A gurgling sound from your drain is common, but you might hear hissing, bubbling, or trickling.

Slow-Draining Fixtures: This means there’s only partial blockage potentially in your sewer line. So your wastewater is still drainable, but you’re on your way to complete backup if it isn’t taken care of soon enough.

Sewage Backflow: The worst symptom you want to avoid is having backed-up sewage return through your drain line and into your shower or tub. Essentially, your wastewater has nowhere to drain and will flow back into the nearest point of entry, which is usually a low-level drain in your home.

If you have a blocked sewer drain line, turn off your home’s water line. This will prevent more overflow than may have already occurred. Because you have a habit of using your sinks or toilet multiple times a day, you might forget and add more water to your problem! It also helps keep leaky pipes and automatically draining appliances – like your dishwasher or washing machine – at bay.

Find your water main, generally found near your water meter or a corner of your home, and turn the lever until it’s entirely off.

Equipment / Tools

Drain augers are typically found at your local hardware store for about $15, making drain clearing possible when you’re in a pinch for money. It’s a long metal cable about 50 feet long, flexible enough to worm through your pipes.


Besides your drain auger, you might want to consider wearing clothes you want to dirty. Depending on the severity of your clog, things could get messy…

On one end of your drill is a handle, while the other looks like a corkscrew intended to catch the material blocking your pipe and remove it as you pull it back out your drain.

Since your drain auger is made of metal, be careful to use it as intended, or else you can tear your piping and even create leaks.

1) Remove the Sink Stopper: If your drain has a cover or grill, remove it before you begin inserting your drain auger.

2) Insert the Drain Auger: Now that your drain’s cover or grill is removed uncoil your drain auger. Begin inserting the cable into your gutter, keeping your handle close to the drain to remove as much slack as possible – this allows you the most force for breaking through your clog.

3) Navigate the Drain Auger Towards the Clog: Turn the handle clockwise as you push the drill through your drain until you reach the clog. Don’t rush or go too slowly; keep consistent speed and pressure as you crank. Once you’ve got it, you’ll feel it catch the material blocking your pipe.

4) Pull the Drain Auger Out: After successfully reaching and catching the clog, pull the drill out without rotating. This will allow you to remove the auger and the debris you’ve seen cleanly.

5) Repeat this process until the clog is finally removed from your pipeline: If you find yourself facing a clog too vital for your drill, then it’s time to call your trusted local plumbing professional for help. With their expertise, experience, and specialized equipment, they’ll be able to find the right solution for your problem and get your plumbing functioning again.

For Persistent Clogs, Call Deer Valley Plumbing

You may find a drain line clogged too severely for a standard drain auger, requiring professional help and specialized equipment. But don’t fret! At Deer Valley Plumbing, we offer emergency services and same-day scheduling to start removing clogs and get those pipes flowing freely.

We offer professional drain cleaning and augur services in the following locations:
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