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Deer Valley Plumbing offers a variety of bathroom services that range from repairing to remodeling, and amongst those services is the installation of shower heads. Back in the day, shower heads were single, simple sprayers with one setting and shape. Nowadays, your shower head can customize and add flare to your whole restroom area. With different capabilities and spraying functions, picking the right shower head can be a tough decision. Here are three different options that you may want to consider:

High-Tech Shower Heads: Bluetooth Speakers

The first shower head is extremely high-tech and entertaining. The Moxie Shower head and Wireless Speaker has a Bluetooth function that lasts up to 7 hours and allows you to shower yourself in your favorite music. It’s coverage includes 60-80 angled nozzles (depending on which size you get) and it even saves water with it’s 2.0 gpm or 2.5 gpm spray. The speaker is installed inside the shower head, and its silicone surface is easy to wipe off excess mineral buildup. All in all, this shower head is a great, new age choice for those who like to jam out in the shower.

Water Conservation

Saving water is very crucial in today’s time, which is why our next suggestion would be the Nebia Shower Head, which has been known to allegedly use up to 70 percent less water than the average shower head. It’s cleverly designed nozzles allow each drop to cover up to 10 times more surface area and thus it’s low water consumption reaches astounding numbers. Those who want to be resource-efficient will love this option.

Adjustable Temperature

Along with saving water comes the comfort of the person showering. The Temp2O 6-Spray LED Digital Temperature Display Hand Shower allows for the adjustment of temperature while showering. This would be convenient not only for rinsing yourself off at any desired temperature, but also for washing pets that are temp-sensitive. The Temp2O even saves as much water as the previously mentioned Moxie brand. This shower head is the best of both worlds when it comes to great performance and staying relaxed.

Let Us Help You

In the end, you want to be satisfied by the time you exit the shower, so picking the perfect shower head is important. You may want to examine options that will benefit you, your children, or your pets. And whether you want more nozzles, adjustable heat, or even music-playing abilities, Deer Valley Plumbing is here to help you install whichever shower head you pick out.

Contact us today to request a plumbing quote and schedule service on installing your shower head. Together, we can remodel a flawless bathroom that will have the whole family talking! Feel free to check out our other Phoenix plumbing blog for more ideas on remodeling yours shower.

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