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There are several products on the market that state they are flushable. The product labeling might say flushable but these products do not break down like regular toilet tissue and can cause clogs or backups and end up costing you money for plumbing repairs.You should avoid putting anything other than toilet tissue down your toilet.

Here are just a few items to avoid putting in your toilet:


• Flushable wipes, baby wipes

• Facial tissues, paper towels

• Dental Floss, ear swabs or cotton balls

• Kitty litter

• Hair

• Dried pet poop

• Prescription drugs

• Diapers or sanitary products

• Food scraps

With today’s water-saving toilets consumers can save on water bills. These toilets use less water per flush but with less water to push waste through your sewer system the sewage can back up causing plumbing issues.

• Kitty litter that states it is flushable isn’t designed for some septic systems and it won’t keep the kitty litter moving. Dried pet poop does not break down and can really clog your system.

• Prescription drugs or any type of medication should never be flushed down a toilet. Studies show these enter wastewater treatment systems. These should be disposed of properly several drug stores now have “take back” stations for old or unused medications.

• Dental floss can tangle up with other debris inside your systems pipes. Hair will also tangle with debris and in your system. Sanitary products, diapers, ear swabs such as Q-tips, and cotton balls don’t break down and will just stay in your sewer system and could lead to major blockages and plumbing problems later.

• Food scraps are a definite no-no, grease will solidify in your pipes and really cause your pipes to clog.

• Using a trash can would avoid costly plumbing problems. Only toilet paper and natural waste should go into toilets.

As plumbers we find our phones ringing for that occasional child’s toy that ended up in the toilet…oops. We can fix that.

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