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When appliances in your house start showing signs of low water flow, then you’re water line is most likely in need of assistance. Low water flow makes a huge difference in appliances like your shower, sinks, toilet, and even pool. Knowing how to identify a change in your water line and knowing how to troubleshoot it is crucial to keeping your home in top condition. Here are common signs of low water flow to keep an eye on at home.

Low Water Flow and Well Pumps

A malfunctioning well pump can be the easiest way to determine why you have low water flow. If your well pump is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s time to call in a professional to repair it. Well pump won’t run Well pump won’t start Well pump cycles rapidly Or your well pump may run perfectly fine, but it displays: Low water pressure, No water pressure, No water coming out, Not enough water coming out.

Testing Appliances for Low Water Flow

Another thing to add to your checklist for low water flow is the temperature of your running appliances. Run hot and cold water through your faucets, and if running the hot water shows low water flow or low water pressure, then there is something wrong with your water heater.

The location of your low water flow also determines what’s causing the defect. Run the water in all areas of your house, and if only one or two areas are affected negatively, you most likely have a clogged faucet or aerator.

Other devices that are known for causing low water pressure are: The PRV and water shut off valves A leaking toilet or leaking main water line A closed hot water shut-off valve on your water heater

Low Water Flow Piping Signs

If all else fails and you can’t seem to find the source of your low water flow problem, it may be time to check underneath the floors. Your indoor and outdoor pipes can significantly affect your water flow rate, so you may want to consider repiping your water lines or running a snake line through your pipes to solve this issue.

Copper pipes build up calcium deposits that clog the pipe and lower your water pressure. Outdoor galvanized pipes corrode and block the water flow. It is more expensive to repair these than to replace them entirely.

The Solution to Low Water Flow

There are dozens of things that can create water line damage that will cause low water output. Having a good checklist is a great first step in determining where your complication is deriving from, but when it comes to repiping your lines or fixing broken pumps or valves is best left to an experienced AZ plumber. Deer Valley Plumbing can get your water flow back to a normal level in no time so that you can have perfectly running water for the hot summer.

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