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There are several reasons why you might need excavation services, prompting you to look for a plumbing company. The good news is that whether it’s servicing sewer lines, repairing burst pipes, or a new drain line installation, you can rest assured that our professional services here at Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors will be prompt and efficient.

Below are the types of excavation services that we might use for your property.

1.  Rerouting

Redirecting new sewer lines outside a structure is a procedure typically utilized alongside excavation services. Rerouting can be done without causing major disturbance to the work area. An example of an excavation that can involve rerouting is cured-in-place piping, which gives you a new pipe within an old one. This is done by pulling a pipelining through the current pipework, then exerting pressure on the lining to expand, thus filling the existing pipe.

While CIPP is generally considered as a trenchless service, what little excavation needs to be done should be carried out by a professional plumber in Surprise, AZ to ensure quality.

2.  Interior Access Excavation

This involves the excavation of pipes through jackhammer slab penetration. Through this method, a jackhammer digs a hole in the leak source. Interior access excavation is invasive within a property if the leak is located further inside the property; it could even result in the flooring’s replacement. This excavation is suitable where there is only one leak, plumbing repairs involving multiple leaks should go with external excavation.

3.  External Excavation

This is a traditional excavation type, which involves tunneling down to access sewer pipes on the outside. It entails ripping up landscapes to give access to workers to the sewer lines. External excavation takes a significant amount of time, and it can damage structures and landscapes, but it is a guaranteed way of providing excellent plumbing services when other methods fail.

We can help you choose the best excavation option for your property, especially when facing emergency plumbing issues.

If you need reliable excavation services, contact Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors, a plumbing company with enough experience in excavation and plumbing services.

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