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Are you going to make a New Year’s Resolution this year? You could start working out again, try to save some money, or even go on that diet you’ve been talking about. While these are usual resolutions that people make, why not try for a more unorthodox one? We recommend starting on your plumbing repair checklist for 2016! Deer Valley Plumbing is always on the lookout for those who need help with plumbing repair and installation. Here is our checklist of repairs to look out for in 2016.

Plumbing Repair Checklist

Repair #1: Leaking Faucets

Even the smallest leak in a faucet or shower could progressively get worse. Although it may seem like the amount of water leaking is not much, a small amount of water can cause damage and will end up costing you even more. Then there is the fact that you are losing gallons of water from that leak, which is a total waste.

Repair #2: Running Toilets

After awhile the parts of a toilet can begin to wear and over time cause problems. This will often involve when the toilet handle sticks and needs a jiggle or when you hear running water when the toilet is not being flushed. A running toilet can waste a vast amount of water. Usually fixing this issue is cheap and fast. This item should always sit on your plumbing checklist in case it starts acting up again.

Repair #3: Clean Aerators

If you are not cleaning out faucet aerators, over time they will end up with calcium build up and will obstruct the water flow. Signs that you may need to clean out your faucet’s aerator are an irregular spray or lower water pressure. To avoid this from happening, simply remove the aerators and clean them out on a regular basis.

Repair #4: Maintain Sewer Main

If you are experiencing regular main line stoppages you can attempt to prevent them through regular maintenance. Know how your sewer main line is functioning and how long it normally takes between stoppages. In houses where a tree root causes sewer main problems, it is a good idea to schedule regular sewer main snaking as a preventive measure. Watch for signs of a sewer drain clog and catch it before you have full stoppage.

Repair #5: Check Water Pressure

You should avoid putting stress on your plumbing system by knowing that your water pressure is at a safe level. It takes just a few minutes to test with a pressure gauge. If pressure is too high, consider installing a pressure regulator to bring it down. A typical acceptable water pressure is 85 PSI.

You Can Check Plumbing Off Your List

If you have completed these tasks and are concerned about other problems you are having, give the Deer Valley Plumbing crew a call. You can check one of those resolutions off your list before any of the others by simply reaching out to us! Visit services or contact us pages to get the year started off right.

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