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So we all know that water contamination is a serious issue. The real question is what exactly causes the water contamination? Preventing backflow in your home or business could save you money, but more importantly keep you and your family/employees healthy!

It is sometimes easy to forget the responsibilities of home or business ownership and what comes along with it. The responsibility to prevent back-flow to the distribution line of your home or business is one of the most forgotten. It is your responsibility to ensure that no cross connections occurs which can result in water contamination.
Here are tips to help prevent water contamination:


Since hoses are highly susceptible to backflow, make sure that you never place the end of a hose near items that may contaminate the water supply. This will ensure that no such elements are siphoned or sucked back in. Areas where you may use a hose to fill up with water such as pools, ponds, bathtubs, spas, water conditioners, fish tanks, laundry sinks or floor drains are among the most common.


If you’re using your hose for pesticides or fertilizers, make sure that you have attached a HCVB (hose connection vacuum breaker) to the end. This will ensure that no contaminants are siphoned into the water supply. These are easily available at retail stores offering plumbing supplies or through maintenance supply vendors.


Homes and businesses with in-ground irrigation systems need to be extra careful to protect their drinking water from contaminants. The best measure that you can take is to install a Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA) on the water supply, which typically runs about $100, give or take a little. Everything these days is out to get your Benjamins, I know, but this a cost well worth preventing water contamination.

Heating Boiler

Heating boilers must have cross connection control devices installed to make sure that the water supply is completely isolated. The type of control device installed will depend on certain factors such as the chemicals that have been added to the boiler.

Back-flow Preventers

There are several types of back-flow preventers that will be instrumental in preventing cross connections and eliminating water contaminants. The HCVB mentioned above and the Pressure Type Vacuum Breaker, which is a device used mostly on pipes supplying water to underground sprinkler systems. If you want to make sure that your water supply is isolated from contaminants you should invest and install them. It is a scary thought that without some of these devices things like fertilizer, soil bacteria, pesticides, and even animal waste could enter your water supply.

Need help with preventing future water contamination?

If you are wondering if there is anything you may need to do to prevent water contamination at home or the office, give Deer Valley a call at (623) 294-4986 – where we have experts available. If you have questions regarding other issues, try reading through some of our other blogs. We cover an abundance of common plumbing issues for both home and business owners.

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