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Homeowners have to deal with clogs at some point. When you have one that’s bad, be sure to consult a plumber in Phoenix, AZ, from Deer Valley Plumbing so we can come to your home and address it. It’s important not to get tempted to perform DIY snaking in your drains. There are certain risks this practice can pose, including:

Damage to the Pipes

The biggest reason to leave drain cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, to the professionals instead of going the DIY route is that you can damage the pipes. Should you happen to be inexperienced and don’t know what you’re doing, you might nick something inside the drain. If you have an older home, the pipes are probably made with obsolete materials unless you’ve upgraded in recent years. It’s not worth the risk and the extra money you’ll have to throw away.

Wrong Snake Type

Plumbing snakes come in different forms and sizes, depending on the drain that needs attention. In other words, if you have a single snake that only works on sinks, it won’t work to unclog your toilet, shower, or tub drain. Professional drain cleaning services are a better option. Our experts know what to do exactly and have various types of snakes depending on the severity of the clog and the size of the drain.

Not Doing the Entire Job

You may snake a clogged drain without causing further damage, but that doesn’t mean you’ll actually get to the root of the problem. Even with the right type of plumbing snake, you might be able to remove some of the debris causing the clog, but you may leave some behind. As a result, you’re only doing part of the job and will need further assistance from a trusted plumber.

In some cases, even if you are experienced at DIY snaking, the clog might be bad enough that you need hydro jetting to release all the gunk from your pipes. At Deer Valley Plumbing, we are a drain cleaning company you can trust to clean out your drains and pipes quickly and thoroughly.

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