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There’s no doubt that when it comes to hot trends for homeowners, DIY projects have become the epitome of all home improvement searches. Everyone wants to feel self sufficient and save a little money on the side by fixing up their own home and there’s nothing wrong with that! The only problem that occurs is when people overestimate their ability to install or repair something and end up making a bigger mess that costs more money to fix than it would have costed to hire a professional plumber in the first place. That’s why we recommend that before taking on a new project you ask yourself, “Should I DIY?” Here are some examples of projects that may be within or out of your skill range:

DIY Appliance Repair

This is one of the most popular and accomplishable DIY plumbing projects that people like to take on. When something like your toilet or faucet stops working, there is only a small handful of problems that could cause them to malfunction. A simple Google search can lead you to dozens of DIY tutorials and for the most part, they are relatively simple to fix! Unclogging a blocked drain or learning how your toilet tank works is a great skill to have. A leaking pipe under the sink is also a doable project as well because there’s little chance for you to damage a pipe or foundation. These are projects that are worth looking into DIY methods for!

DIY Rerouting and Re-piping

On the other hand, when you have to dig into a foundation or under your flooring, there’s a higher chance for DIY projects to go wrong. Not only do you have to worry about reinstalling flooring once you finish, but you also have to worry about re-digging into the area if you install something incorrectly. If you’re rerouting pipes, you need to know about the infrastructure of your home and make sure that all your couplings are tight and your pipe placement are angled and connected correctly. If you’re repiping you may be dealing with digging through concrete areas and you’ll have to how to re-pour and level it. These are DIY projects that are generally too much of a hassle for the average homeowner.

DIY Advice

As you can see, there are dozens of plumbing projects that are simple and great to DIY. However, there are also many plumbing projects that are best left to the professional plumbers. There’s nothing worse than having to learn what projects are DIY or not the hard way, usually resulting in you not only damaging your own property but having to pay extra to get it fixed. If you ever have any questions on what plumbing repairs you can take on by yourself, contact on of our trusted plumbers at Deer Valley Plumbing. We are always willing to offer realistic advice that will benefit your home!

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