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Going without hot water for even a day can be a major inconvenience. If you are experiencing problems with your current water heater, it’s important to get in touch with Deer Valley Plumbing right away. The industry experts here on our team can inspect your system and determine whether you need repairs or a new water heater installation in Surprise, AZ.

Old Water Heater

One of the first signs that you need water heater services in Surprise, AZ is rust in your hot water. When a tank gets old, it can often rust, which will then go into your water when you turn on the tap. While old tanks can be repaired, they are prone to issues, which means you’ll end up spending more for frequent repairs. Investing in a new and efficient unit is the more cost-effective option.

Floor Leaks

Another sign that you need that you should watch out for is a leak on the floor where your tank is located. This means there might be a leak in your tank. Leaking tanks can be repaired, but they often cost almost as much as a new heater. We recommend investing in a new, tankless water heater in Surprise, AZ to avoid running into this problem in the future.

Unusual Noises

You should also be aware that strange sounds coming from your tank could mean that you have sediment buildup inside of the tank. Sediments harden as they begin to build up, making it harder for the burners to heat the water. Call for water heater repair in Surprise, AZ right away if you hear any unusual noises from your tank.

Lack of Hot Water

The most obvious way that you’ll be able to tell that you need a water heater replacement in Surprise, AZ is if you’re getting cold water no matter what you try to do to fix it. The burner might be out on your tank or your tankless water heater might be on the end of its service life. Let a plumber in Surprise, AZ, from Deer Valley Plumbing determine the exact problem with your water heater and provide you with the necessary solutions. We offer quality water heater repair and replacement services and would be happy to help you choose and install your new unit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team.

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