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A new year means dozens of new home improvement projects! It’s time to freshen up your living space with new furniture, decorations, or complete remodels. Before you start, however, it may be smart to check whether any of your plumbing lines need a re-route. Re-routes are crucial to keeping your health, life, and property safe. Deer Valley Plumbing can offer you an estimated quote for these pivotal services and help repair your home according to your schedule.

Different Types of Re-Routes

Your re-routes involve more than just fixing bathroom plumbing lines, you should be wary of your drain lines, gas lines, and water lines. Hiring a plumber to come check for leakage, and fracturing in piping, can save and improve your house. Whether it be a commercial or residential building, you should watch for these signs of piping-damage: moving fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom, rusty water, leaking slabs, or test for gas leaks using this method. Using these methods can be a simple way to spot malfunctioning pipes that will be informative for your plumbing service identify which areas need attention.

Drain Line Re-Route

Also referred to as sewer pipes, the drain line runs from your sinks, toilets, showers, and baths. These all lead back to the main sewer line, which is either a sewer city system or a septic tank, depending on your situation. While fixing a clogged drain is an easy task, re-routing them is a much more complex job. It requires using a hacksaw and joist nails to rearrange PVC pipes to connect the drain to the main sewer line and replanning a route to the location of the water fixture. It’s something can be detrimental to mess up, so it’s best to allow someone with more experience to take the wheel. In the meantime, feel free to double check more plumbing repairs that may be beneficial to your home.

Water Line Re-Routing

Water line re-routing is one of the more common piping that gets impaired. Something to consider about re-routing water lines is that it’s a better choice than to drill into the foundation of the area. To re-route water lines is to find the best pathway for old, leaking, or damaged water pipes. Slab leaks are often found in damaged hot water lines, but they can also be found in cold ones as well. Slab leaks are caused by bad pipes, hard water, rust, high water pressure, and electrolysis causing pinhole leaks. There are also multiple types of piping such as PEX, Copper, cPVC, Galvanized, Cast Iron, which all work best for suitable situations determined by an expert.

Gas Line Re-Routing

Gas lines are used for the kitchen or maybe an indoor or outdoor fireplace. Installing gas lines can be a risky procedure if you lack a background in contracting. One of the things people struggle with is the type of piping they want to use. Many people question flexible gas lines and their durability, but an expert would understand that the corrugated stainless steel tubing is a great alternative. This tubing is installed like electrical wire, and minimizes potential gas leaks. Furthermore, they allow for painless installation of adding more gas lines in the future. The other option for gas line piping is to use typical black iron pipe, which requires a more professional hand to measure, cut, and thread individual pieces of pipe.

How We Can Help

Sometimes, trying to save money by doing it yourself, can wind up costing you big time. Having someone with more experience by your side can make all of the difference when re-routing your plumbing lines. Getting the job done right outweighs risking a mistake if you try to do it yourself and fail. Repairing the pipes around your house to assure all of your appliances work properly is the smart and responsible thing to do as a homeowner. Contact Deer Valley Plumbing to work with a reliable technician that is fully licensed, bonded & insured in the State of Arizona.

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