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Stars and stripes and drains and laundry machines and refrigerators…all depend on the efficiency of your drains (well, maybe not the flag). If they go out, have leaks, get clogged, or worse, almost every appliance and utility in your home will be affected immediately! Drains and sewers are necessary for a clean home (and a happy homeowner). Here are some tips for keeping them in check!

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Drains

Cleaning Blocked Bathroom Drains

Bathrooms are usually the first to have problems in the home due to toothpaste, hair, shaving cream, etc. A quick and easy way to keep them free and clear is to pour a tablespoon of salt and ¼ cup of plain white vinegar down your drains. Let the mixture sit for an hour, then run hot water down them. It should loosen buildup in the drains! Pour a little bleach down them at night to keep up your drain maintenance.

Grease in the Kitchen Drain

The next drain problem usually occurs in the kitchen sink. If you have build up past your garbage disposal, we recommend boiling a big pot of water, pouring a lot of dish liquid directly down the drain, and following it with the hot water (a little at a time). This should melt the grease lining your pipes and dissolve any oil residue! If it doesn’t do the trick the first time, repeat the process a couple times!

Routine Drain Maintenance

Keeping up with them weekly will keep them running smoothly (most of the time). First, we recommend running very hot water down your bathroom and kitchen drains weekly. This helps melt and loosen anything that would normally build up over time. Second, run your garbage disposal while draining cold water. The cold water will keep oils and other grease hardened so the disposal can get rid of it (instead of melting it down the sides of your pipes).

Looking for help with your drains in Phoenix? Deer Valley Plumbing offers plumbing services in Phoenix AZ. Check out our online forms for long term projects or call our number for emergency service today. We know that when there are problems with them, water waits for no one. Neither do we.

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