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As an experienced plumbing company since 1989, we’ve heard and been a part of a lot of interesting stories. Most of them start off with showing up at the client’s home and quickly hearing the exclamation “it wasn’t me!” or “I’m not sure how this happened, but…” and ends in a great story to share with the family and coworkers. Other stories stem from that “new guy” who seems to make a mess out of everything. Either way, a person’s plumbing problems are always bound to be humorous and slightly embarrassing. Here are two of the funniest and strangest stories we’ve heard as plumbers Phoenix AZ.

Plumbers Phoenix AZ Story: A Unique Piping System

The most difficult cases we deal with generally involve people that have googled how to do plumbing tasks and consider themselves a master until something goes horribly wrong. A dramatic example of this is when we had to re-pipe an entire house because the water lines to all the sinks and tubs were being ran by pool hoses. Yes, really, pool hoses. We suppose this was a “creative” approach to replacing water pipes, but it was executed poorly with rubber couplings and electrical tape and hooked up to an old, malfunctioning cast iron stack.

We were flabbergasted at how much needed to be fixed. The new owners of this home had clearly been set up with an inept home inspector and were left with the charges of the repair. We had to re-pipe everything from the second story to the basement with more efficient PVC pipes and recommending to replace the cast iron stack with something more up to date and has more water conservation capabilities. It was a great lesson learned that if you don’t get your pipes checked by a reliable plumber Phoenix AZ before you move somewhere, you may end up with hoses for pipes!

Plumbing Story: A Rag Never Forgotten

The other story that we’ve heard has actually become common for many of plumbers occurred in an office project. The office was a multi-unit complex that had been built many years ago by a plumber we’ll consider “forgetful”. While establishing the water line below the concrete slab, this past plumber had stuffed a blue rag into one end of the pipe while working on the other end. Unfortunately, they didn’t remember to take it out and as time passed, the rag disintegrated and pieces were passed into several branch lines.

This had gone unnoticed for a while, but eventually the workers there started having water heating problems and had to cut into manifold where the branch line was and had to pull out piece of the blue rag that had been left behind and blocked the flow of water. This same issue continued to occur for a couple years after that as different branch lines were affected! To think that one man leaving a single cloth behind would cause so many problems in the future. It’s the subtle things that end up making big differences! Plenty of other plumbers Phoenix AZ have come forward in admitting that they’ve had to snake the rag back out of pipes they were repairing after realizing their mistake.

Why Choosing the Right Plumber is Important

As you can see mistakes are easy to make but hard to fix when it comes to plumbing situations. While these stories were humorous, they were also unfortunate for those who had to deal with the repercussions of a bad plumber (or a homeowner that considered themselves expert plumbers). It’s crucial to choose the right plumber in Phoenix AZ that can properly install and repair your piping and appliances to take care of your home. Deer Valley Plumbing works hard to put their client’s needs first and supply them with the best services that apply to their situation. Working together is the quickest way to keep your house well maintained and your appliances operating!

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