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Every year, thousands of dollars in structural damage is caused by undetected water leaks. This is why Deer Valley Plumbing recommends having your home inspected by a licensed plumber in Peoria, AZ before any major damage occurs. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why timely leak detection is so important.

Steep Water Bills

Have your monthly water bills started to spike? If so, it’s time to call a plumbing company in Peoria, AZ, because there’s a good chance that you’re dealing with an undetected leak. Your water meter will be running even when the water is off. Just an average-sized leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water over the course of a month.

Water Safety

Failing to realize that a leak can become a safety hazard is also dangerous in and of itself. It won’t take long for bacteria to creep inside a cracked pipe. This means the contaminated water will no longer be safe to drink, and everyone in your household can be at risk of getting sick. As soon as you suspect a leak, schedule the appropriate plumbing services in Peoria, AZ right away.

The Growth of Mold

Even a tiny leak creates the perfect environment for mold. This fungus thrives in damp conditions. Aside from causing a musty odor to linger in your home, mold can also cause your family to experience flu-like symptoms. After getting the necessary plumbing repairs in Peoria, AZ, you’ll be able to rest a bit easier at night.

Significant Property Damage

Over time, undetected leaks can wreak havoc on your home. From the walls to the subfloor, your house could sustain a great deal of structural damage. The cost to repair the damage can be eye-popping. Even worse, your insurance may not cover the expenses. Never wait to seek emergency plumbing in Peoria, AZ.

You can avoid these disasters by taking the initiative to schedule a professional leak detection service. Contact Deer Valley Plumbing today!

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