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Repiping Gas, Drain, & Water Lines

If you’re noticing some malfunctions with your plumbing system, including weird odors, noises, or leaks, it’s time to repipe your lines. Whether this be your gas, drain, or water lines, you should always stay on top of the maintenance of your piping.

Many people neglect their piping because they’re unsure how to troubleshoot the situation. Fortunately, Deer Valley Plumbing offers great repiping services at whatever time works best for you, and at an affordable cost. Taking the right steps to ensure the stability of your lines and the safety of your home or commercial building. Here are some crucial points about why you should get your pipes checked soon for maintenance:

Repiping Your Gas Lines

The gas line in your home/building may be a natural gas or propane system that is hooked up to a indoor or outdoor fireplace, built-in grill, or other appliances. If your piping has aged, there’s a high chance it’s corroded or sprouted some leaks, which means it’s time to replace it with something newer and more durable such as corrugated flexible piping. Repiping your gas lines is necessary when you are remodeling and moving gas-based appliances, as well as when installing a new or tankless water heater. Having a professional come take a look at your piping before making any big decisions is the smartest way to avoid missing a gas leak that may cause damage to your appliances or put your family/co-workers health at risk.

Repiping Your Drain Lines

Drain lines are often overlooked during home and building evaluations because you don’t notice there is a problem until your pipes are already overly clogged. Identifying drain lines that need to be repiped involves observing your surroundings carefully. If your building smells like sewage, there’s a great possibility that sewage has overflowed from a leak in your drain pipes. This will also draw the attention of flies and other bugs that will swarm near sewage and infiltrate your residential home or commercial building. If you’ve noticed an increase in bugs or odor in your surrounding area, it may be time to repipe your drain lines. Other common drain pipe leaks can be found by looking for unusual stains on the walls and ceilings. The benefits of keeping your drain lines up-to-date will improve the atmosphere of your house or company building and make it visitable and livable once more.

Repiping Your Water Lines

Defining an issue with water lines is one of the most common and easy-to-spot problems when repiping your home. If your water lines are ready to be replaced, you’ll often notice a metallic taste in the water, rusty water, moldy places where pipes have corroded from leaking, and low water pressure throughout the building. If your establishment was build more than 20 years ago, you most likely have galvanized plumbing that has a life expectancy rate of 20-30 years. Here at Deer Valley Plumbing, we suggest to replace these pipes before they begin to affect your water intake and usage. Consider using flexible PEX tubing or copper tubing instead, as either will have a lifespan more than twice as long as your old piping. Picking a durable substitute for piping is an important aspect of keeping your water lines durable and well-maintained.

How To Repipe Your Lines

Now that you understand what to look for and the consequences for not repiping your gas, drain, and water lines, you may be wondering how to start replacing them. Our professional Deer Valley Plumbers are more than capable of inspecting all of your pipelines and helping you decide the next best step to replacing or repairing them. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, it’s important to always know the condition of your piping to avoid pricey plumbing problems in the future. Contact a dependable Arizona plumber at Deer Valley Plumbing today to get a head start on evaluating your plumbing lines.

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