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A rocking toilet seal is one of the most common plumbing problems that the average homeowner will encounter. The reason this situation has become problematic in households is that no one knows how to fix it. It’s pretty tempting to just let the toilet remain wobbly, but at some point it will become obnoxious enough that you’ll want to sit in stability again. When this time comes, let Deer Valley Plumbing help you fix your broken toilet seal and restore your bathroom area to its ideal condition. Here is why you should look into toilet repair possibilities as soon as possible.

Consequences of Ignoring Toilet Repair

Not fixing your toilet will only create more complications in the future. The constant pressure on your seat may cause the nuts and bolts holding the seat together to crack the plastic surrounding it. Other reasons for toilet repair involve the fact that your seat may in fact rip off completely, which will cost extra to buy new hinges and have them installed. Speaking of this matter, another problem may actually revolve around the initial, incorrect installment of the hinges, so this will be the perfect opportunity to correct your mistakes to avoid future toilet repair problems. Having a professional show you how to do this will also help you fix it yourself the next time around.

How Do You Repair Your Toilet?

Consider repairing your toilet by replacing its current seat to one that’s less likely to become loose or be rubbed the wrong way and potentially damage the rest of your toilet. Many people find elongated toilet seats fit their body type better and are less likely to break down after multiple uses. You can even purchase a toilet seat that has a soft-closing feature that will reduce the risk of slamming and disfiguring your porcelain seat once more. Your current toilet seat may also be prone to attracting bacteria and keeping odor, so you should replace it with a wooden or molded wood material instead. It’s important to find the best toilet repair replacements that has positive reviews that state it’s durability and long lifespan.

Adding a Wax Ring and Seal in Toilet Repair

Another solution to a wobbly toilet is replacing the wax ring on your current one to seal the bottom of the toilet to the ground so that it remains immobile. A broken wax ring leads to several problems such as sewage odor, a leaking watertight seal, and loose bolts holding the flange. You may have experienced these issues if you just recently moved or replaced your toilet without checking to see if the wax ring had been replaced too. Old wax is easily shifted and broken, so it’s within your best interest to hire a professional to reseal your wax ring so that your bathroom will smell and work better than before. Letting any of these nuisances go on for a long period of time will only worsen the condition of your bathroom and require more toilet repair in following years, so get it fixed today!

Who to Call for Toilet Repair Help

After learning about the necessity of toilet repair, consider calling a plumber when exploring the options of how and when to fix your toilet. Consider calling Deer Valley Plumbing who will send you an experienced professional to assist you in repairing your bathroom as well as offering advice in maintaining your bathroom’s appliances. Doing this will benefit you and your family greatly in the long run; not only will you feel accomplished, but you won’t have to feel like every trip to the bathroom is going to be a rocky one.

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