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Whether you are upgrading, building a new home, or improving your outdoor spaces, you have a variety of options you should discuss with your plumber which might help you conserve water. Of course, before getting into any big projects, on a day-to-day basis there are many ways to save water. Call Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors, Inc. today at (623) 294-4986 to discuss your green plumbing options.

High Efficiency Fixtures and Appliances

One of the first places to look to conserve water is in your choice of new fixtures and appliances. If your home dates to 1994 or before and has not been upgraded, your fixtures and appliances are likely consuming two to three times what new high efficiency units consume. Pay particular attention to your dishwasher, clothes washer, and toilet, as there has been significant innovation with these products recently. The most efficient new dishwashers and clothes washers , which are branded with the blue Energy Star logo, cut water consumption roughly in half when compared with 1980’s or older models. Also impacted are toilets, where older models had 3.5-5 gallon tanks, newer models may consume as little as 1.2g per flush.

Rain Water Collection

Beyond fixtures and appliances, there are number of more comprehensive systems you may choose to install which help conserve water. One very important such option is rain water collection. This involves the installation of a system to collect, rout, and re-use storm water for exterior and potentially interior uses. Options here range from relatively simple rain barrels underneath downspouts, to more complex, and larger water storage tanks called cisterns. The larger and more complex the system, especially if it is used for any interior use, will require professional plumbing.


While there are many ways to conserve water inside your home, water usage for lawn, gardens, and car washing is also an area with tremendous potential for water savings. In some parts of the country, especially Arizona, outdoor water use accounts for 50% of household water use on an annual basis. Some simple approaches will make a difference, including watering in the evening only, and using a commercial car wash. But the best way to conserve water use in your yard is in the design of your landscape: limit the size of lawns that need watering, introduce trees for shade, and make extensive use of plants which naturally do not require watering. These are known as “Xeric” plants.

The area of water and energy conservation for homeowners holds many other options, for example tankless hot water heaters, solar water heaters, passive solar radiant heat, to name a few. But a good start on conservation in general is to save water with the green plumbing ideas discussed to reduce your water use.

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