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Your home’s drain lines are essential for moving waste out of your home. When the drains are having problems, you may begin to wonder if it ist time to hire a plumber in Sun City, AZ. Here are some signs that you need to call the experts here at Deer Valley Plumbing.

Clogs or Waste Backflow

Do you have a constantly clogged drain in Sun City, AZ? If you have recurring clogs, you may have a major blockage somewhere in your main drain. Another common sign is waste backflows into your toilet, tub, or shower. It’s time to call for a sewer line inspection to see where the problem is and get it fixed.

Sewage Odors

If you smell rotten eggs when you take a walk around your lawn, you may have a crack or leak in your main drain line. Sewer lines are airtight, except through the vent stacks. When you smell sewage, something’s wrong with your drains. It may require a drain repair or drain snaking in Sun City, AZ, to get the smell gone.

Slow Drains

You may not have clogs or smells coming through the drains. Instead, you might have slow drains. A slowdown in the drains is usually an early indicator of a blockage building. A thorough drain cleaning in Sun City, AZ, should clear the problem quickly.

Lush Patches or Soggy Spots on the Lawn

Keep an eye on your lawn. If you have extra lush patches or soggy spots, you may have a leaking drain somewhere under the grass. Leaking waste is the most likely reason for the change in your lawn’s appearance and condition. Call our drain cleaning company in Sun City, AZ, if repairs are necessary.

Reach out to Deer Valley Plumbing to provide you with a host of drain cleaning services in Sun City, AZ. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment.

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