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Hot Tub season is just around the corner. Be on the lookout for these common hot tub issues so you can enjoy the relaxing benefits of owning one.

With winter leaving and spring approaching with its crisp, cool air, the weather for making use of your hot tub is near. Unfortunately, you may have forgotten that you had a hot tub until this point, and there’s a high chance that it may need a little maintenance check before anyone hops into it. If a hot tub isn’t preserved properly, it can become a risk to the user’s health or wallet. Deer Valley Plumbing is available day and night to help you troubleshoot, repair, or replace your hot tub when you’re ready to get it running for the spring and summer season.

Hot Tub Issues with Arizona Weather

If you’ve been an Arizona resident for a while now, you know that this state’s weather is rather unique and affects a lot of our outdoor appliances. If you are in the process of buying a hot tub, this may be a reason to consider whether purchasing one would be a smart decision or not. Because due to the excessive heat, your hot tub cover may receive sun damage, and your piping may dry and crack. Terminal connections may be harmed by the weather conditions, such as burnt wires or melted insulation. It should be noted that Arizona’s weather is can damaging during monsoon season as well, which brings plenty of debris that clogs the filters. Keeping these frequent problems in mind will help you identify what parts of your hot tub have the possibility of being impaired by the sun.

What’s Wrong With My Hot Tub?

If it’s not an issue comprised from weather damage, some other common hot tub problems may be easily fixable or require more skilled assistance. The most standard problem that occurs is that there are water chemistry malfunctions. When the chemistry in the water is off, the water pressure weakens, error codes take place, there is improper flow between the jets and the water line, and filters get clogged. To fix these faulty occurrences, you will need someone who knows how to adjust the chemicals in the water balance. Circulation pump failures happen when the pump is getting proper voltage, but not running. When this happens, all you need to do is replace the pump. If your pump is making loud noises, bearings in the motor are going out, possibly due to age or overuse.

Is There Something Wrong with My Water Heater?

Without a doubt, water heater failure is one of the leading complaints of hot tub owners in Arizona. Generally, the issue lies in the low pH level in the water; pH under 7.0 for long period of time creates acidity in the water, making it unsustainable to soak in. It’s also common for your heater to become overheated due to the high temperatures, which may make your temperature gauge malfunction. Having a plumber come check your water lines will be the best solution in this case. When your hot tub overheats, above 108° F, your high limit sensor should be replaced. If it’s too cold, cover your tub for the day and let it heat up before calling any experts. The last thing that involves the water heater is when the GFCI is tripping. Unplug the components one at a time and turn the breaker on, and if it still trips after unplugging all of them, it’s most likely the heater that’s the cause.

Where To Get Your Hot Tub Fixed

There are countless things that could go wrong with your hot tub and prevent you from having a nice dip with family and friends. To keep your tub sterilized and functioning, having an experienced plumber come check on your fuses, pipes, and water pressure would be beneficial. Deer Valley Plumbing works hard to maintain your outdoor equipment for a reasonable price so that you can get the most out of your spring time.

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