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Dealing with a clogged drain in a plumbing fixture is frustrating. If you’ve recently had plumbing fixtures serviced to remove clogs, you’ll likely feel very frustrated if clogs reoccur again quickly. At Deer Valley Plumbing, we’d like you to know the possible reasons for recurring clogs.

The following are four possible reasons why clogs are recurring in your drains and plumbing fixtures even after drain snaking or other drain cleaning services.

Hair is getting down your drains

Even after drain cleaning in Peoria, AZ, drains can quickly become clogged again if a lot of hair is getting into them. You might consider putting sink and drain strainers in your sinks and tubs to prevent hair from causing clogs.

Tree roots are growing through your sewer line

One problem that will require services from a plumber in Peoria, AZ, is tree roots growing through your sewer line. Unfortunately, tree roots are attracted to your sewer line because of the water and nutrients inside.

You’re flushing too much toilet paper at once

If you’re experiencing frequent clogs in your toilets, you might want to consider reducing the amount of toilet paper you use. While toilets should be able to handle toilet paper, excessive quantities of toilet paper can cause clogs.

You’re putting things down your garbage disposal that you shouldn’t

Discuss which items your garbage disposal can handle with your drain cleaning company. There are numerous substances that you shouldn’t put down your garbage disposal. These include corn husks, oil, and large quantities of vegetable peels.

Are you having issues with reoccurring clogs in plumbing fixtures? Contact us at Deer Valley Plumbing if you’re looking for drain cleaning services in the local area. We can service your plumbing fixtures and provide a long term solution to inconvenient clogs.

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