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As a homeowner, we have lots of questions about noises or rattling pipes. These sounds are not only annoying but can cause some concern to homeowners about possible plumbing problems.

• How do we know these sounds aren’t the beginning of something more serious?

• What causes them to make noise?

• How do I stop the noise from happening?

• How much damage can this noise really do?

Here are a few things that might be causing your pipes to rattle and make noise:

• High water pressure

• Low water pressure

• Air being trapped in your water lines, sometimes referred to as water hammer.

• Loose mounts, meaning your water lines are not properly secured.

Having your water pressure checked is a good place to start. Water pressure can be a factor in the noises you are hearing. When is the last time your water pressure was checked?


Too high of water pressure and the effects can be heard throughout your home. When water pressure is too high it causes extra stress and can lead to leaks if your pipes are not securely mounted and rattle. It can also lead to higher water bills and wasted water.

If water pressure is too high it starts to drip or dribble out of showers, faucets and toilets. The pipes will erode over time and the damage to your plumbing can become a major problem aside from the noise it is causing.

High water pressure can cause damage to your water heater also, if your water heater is too full due to high water pressure and you do not have an expansion tank, your water heater can burst when the water inside gets hot.

Reducing the water pressure in your home can lower your monthly water bill and help reduce wear and tear on your appliances and fixtures that are supplied by them.

Typically, your home’s water pressure is 45 – 80 psi. It should not exceed 60 psi normally. Most water pressure regulators are set to 50 psi but can be adjusted higher or lower than that. This varies since every household has different needs.

Air trapped in your water lines, commonly referred to as water hammer can sound like banging inside your walls. When air gets trapped in the pipes it can cause fluctuating water pressure as the air and water move through the pipes. Air can enter pipes through damage or leaks in the pipes.

When we shut off a water valve or appliance the water looks for a place to go when it changes directions. The water bangs against the pipe walls causing a distinct noise. It can cause high pressure in the pipes, high-pressure forces on pipe supports and it can cause pipes to burst damage the pipe supports and leaking at the pipe joints.

A common cause of water hammer is an air chamber with too much water in it. The air chambers are vertical pipes that prevent water from forming waves and regulate the pressure in the supply pipes.

If your home’s water pressure goes above 70 PSI even occasionally you should install a pressure reducing valve commonly referred to as a PRV valve. This might quiet water hammer. This is a control valve that reduces the input pressure of water to a safe level to prevent damage to your pipes. If your home is very old it is likely your home does not have PRV valves. If this is the case call a professional plumber to install them.

Too low of water pressure can be a sign of a failing or faulty PRV valve. A failing or faulty PRV valve can cause a sudden reduction in your water pressure.

If the PRV valve fails all the fixtures in your home such as your washing machine or dishwasher and any other items that are supplied by it can be affected.

Replacing a PRV may seem like something you can fix yourself, but it is best to keep a professional plumbing company like Deer Valley Plumbing on speed dial since this requires shutting off the water to your home at the water meter.Another cause of noisy pipes is the pipes themselves might be loose inside your walls. Take a look around and inspect your home for these signs:

• Inspect the pipes you can see and make sure they are tightly fastened.

• Look for any pipes that might be loose inside the mounting straps.If rattling or noisy pipes are keeping you up at night call a professional plumber to quiet down those pipes and reduce the risk of further damage to your home and appliances.

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