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A garbage disposal can be quite the little helper around the house. Since it takes care of a very important job, malfunction can often be distressing.

Your Garbage Disposal

One thing that must be understood however is that attempting to put your hand down the disposal in order to identify or rectify a problem should be avoided at all costs. Even if the unit is unplugged, it’s best to refrain from a potentially hazardous situation..

Foreign or Ungroundable Objects

This is one of the most common causes of garbage disposal malfunction. The role of the garbage disposal is to chop up and dispose of any leftover food. When items other than food or larger, denser or stickier food objects are introduced to the garbage disposal, it may cease to work. Some harder items such as coins, glass, or plastic which may have fallen into the disposal may cause it to jam, as well as grease and peels. A long handed grabber may help you retrieve the object. Incase this doesn’t work you may have to call in a professional

Electrical Problems

A garbage disposal unit is meant to be silent. If you hear a humming noise every time you run it, then there may be an issue with the disposal. If you continue to attempt to run the disposal unit and the sound persists, you risk tripping the circuit breaker.

The disposal can be reset using a small button located at the bottom of the sink. In case the problem hasn’t been corrected, a stuck grinder may be the issue and may require professional assistance.

Rust, Wear and Tear

Garbage disposals can handle their fair share of wear and tear but will eventually stop performing at an optimum level. If your disposal is old and makes grinding noises then it may be time to find a replacement. Other signs of a malfunctioning garbage disposal include problems in drainage. Installation of a new unit should be done with the assistance of professional, but make sure to check out our blogs post on how to restart your garbage disposal.

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