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Kitchen and bathroom drains sometimes experience painfully slow drainage, mostly because of a mixture of toothpaste, grime and soap that has accumulated down there over the years. Shower drains and bath tubs may also be draining slowly because of soap and hair clogging the pipeline.

Drains do a lot of work for us! Day in and day out, they keep the waste flowing AWAY from us and in the right direction. But sometimes, it just so happens that drains stop working the way they are supposed to and you have the potential for a huge mess on your hands, in the form of clogged drains.

Clogged Drains Are the First Sign of Trouble

Drains start showing signs of distress by not working optimally. Do you experience drains that draw off slowly, or leave water standing for some time before it drains completely? That right there is a clogged drain, with severe debris build up. It will stop working completely if it isn’t fixed sooner rather than later.

Grease, soap, coffee grounds and other food waste are the biggest culprits. If you are guilty of disposing these down your drain, be prepared for a drain that slows down over time until one day, it closes down completely.

If you have kids living at your home, then toilet drains are a special target for toys and other “objects” that may make their way down it. Toilets get clogged when these miscellaneous objects are flushed down the drain. You will need professional help to get these drains open and running again.

All drains eventually make their way to your building or home’s main sewer lines. This connects to the septic tank or your city’s main sewers. This main line can also get clogged and cause your home’s drains to empty out slower than usual and even backing up the waste into your home in extreme cases. However, the reasons for main line clogging are more extreme than usual. Water seeking tree roots can make their way into main sewers, breaking them and clogging the lines as well.

Issues Related With A Clogged Drain

It may start off as a small set back, as a slow drain doesn’t seem like a huge danger to your home. But if ignored for long, it will turn into a huge problem, big enough to cause nightmares! So get the situation under control as soon as it develops because putting a lot of undue pressure on your home’s drain pipes may cause them to back up or burst, leading to some major water damage and uncalled for expenses.A clogged drain or pipe is also bad for your and your family’s health because it may cause sewage to backflow and cause unhygienic living conditions. This can cause exposure to dirty bacteria if not cleaned up in a timely manner.

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