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One of the most unpleasant situations homeowners have to deal with is a clogged drain. And while it may seem like chemical drain solutions are your best bet to get the problem fixed cheaply and quickly, we don’t recommend using them at all. Deer Valley Plumbing, premier plumber in Glendale, AZ, discusses the dangers of chemical drain cleaners below:

How Do Drain Cleaners Work?

When you go to the hardware store, you’ll find a variety of drain cleaners including foam, liquid, powder, gel, and even crystals. The chemicals in these cleaners heat up to liquefy the blockage, so it slides down the drain. While this heat can get rid of a clogged drain in Glendale, AZ, it’s also very harmful to your piping.

Why Are Chemical Drain Cleaners Harmful?

An expert from our drain cleaning company in Glendale, AZ can give you multiple reasons why chemical drain cleaners are dangerous. While they can get rid of the clog, their chemical reaction also damages piping material like plastic and metal. This can lead to future leaks in your plumbing system.

Chemical cleaners can be quite dangerous to human beings as well. Most labels will advise using a special pair of gloves, so the chemical doesn’t come into contact with your skin. Additionally, you’ll need to ventilate the room that you’re using the cleaner in well because the fumes can be harmful to your respiratory system. It’s much safer for your family and your piping system to hire drain cleaning services in Glendale, AZ to take care of your clog.

How Do Professionals Unclog Drains?

When you call for a drain cleaning in Glendale, AZ, one of our professionals will come out to your home. They’ll insert a specialized camera, called a sewer camera, into your piping to locate the obstruction. Sometimes the clog can be easily remedied with the use of a drain snake.

If a traditional drain snake can’t get the clog unstuck, then they’ll recommend hydro jetting in Glendale, AZ. This is a service where we utilize high-pressure water to blast the clog out of its stuck position. This process is much safer than using chemical cleaners that can ruin your piping system. Contact us today to learn more about your drain cleaning options.

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