Common Issues Related To the Anode Rod

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Unlike a tankless water heater, anode rods are standard in tank-style water heaters as protection against tank corrosion. The anode rod protects the tank’s steel interior by corroding first, prolonging the water heater’s usable lifetime. When an anode wears down to the point that it needs to be replaced, you can count on Deer Valley Plumbing Contractors for quality water heater repair in Phoenix, AZ. However, knowing anode trouble signs can help you catch problems early.

What Are the Signs of Anode Trouble?

Multiple factors can affect the condition of an anode rod, including the water’s composition and electrical resistance. The following are three common issues affecting anode rods:

Accumulation of Calcium Carbonate

During a checkup, it’s not uncommon to find a white buildup of calcium carbonate on the exterior. The layer of buildup can harden and inhibit the anode’s ability to corrode, protect the tank and prevent the need for a water heater replacement. The effect is known as passivation and can pit the surface. Calcium carbonate can be removed by brushing.

Extensive Corrosion

Because corroding is the anode rod’s function, it naturally will deteriorate too much and stop being useful. Corrosion in the rod’s magnesium, aluminum or zinc is evident on inspection. Wearing begins at the rod’s bottom and progresses until the steel center is exposed. Seventy-five-percent corrosion generally indicates the need for a replacement by a plumber.

Water Softening

Water softening introduces higher levels of salt and phosphates into the supply, which can rapidly increase the rate of corrosion in both the anode metal and its core. At this point, the water will begin to affect the water heater installation itself. Again, extensive corrosion signals a replacement.

If you encounter these issues fairly often, it might be time to consider a tankless water heater.

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