DIY Day: Installing Misting Systems

Installing misting systems is a great way to keep cool during the warmer months of spring and summer. Starting your own plumbing project requires a lot of skill if you want to do it on your own, but it’s not impossible! Here is what you’ll need for installation: stepladder, garden hose, pipe cutter, shears, extension cord, screwdriver, a wrench, and measuring tape.

Installing Misting Systems: Placing the Four Lines

A successful project should always start out with thoughtful planning. This includes recording accurate measurements of where and how long you want your misting line to run outside. Keep this information on hand so that you don’t make any mistakes while installing misting systems.

  1. Begin hanging your misting system lines and remember that it must be 8 feet off the ground to work properly.
  2. Screw the lines in through the special clip for a secure fit.
  3. At the end, join the pipes with a standard compression fitting by tightening down the nut.
  4. Slide a compression coupling on both ends of the first section of mist line and tighten securely, using your wrench.
  5. Slide the second section of mist line into the first line’s compression coupling.
  6. Add another clamp and again attach it to the overhead joist.
  7. The fourth line must be installed using a 90-degree compression fitting, it can be finished off with a blind cap.
  8. Tighten all the compression fittings that join the mist lines with your wrench.

Hooking up the Water and Electricity

  1. Install the pressure tubing that came in your kit from the back of the pressure pump to the misting lines.
  2. Slip the nut and ferrule on the tubing before inserting the tubing into the compression coupling at the starting point of the mist line.
  3. Make sure to route your tubing toward the pressure pump from the joists to the wall.
  4. Plug into a GFCI unit, turn on the water, and start the pump to find where the nozzles are dripping.
  5. Turn off the water and install the misting nozzles one by one, letting water run for 15 seconds in between until all of the leaking nozzles have been filled with misting nozzles.

More DIY Tips

Installing misting systems takes patience and a lot of cautious installation. Making sure everything is tightened and secured properly makes a huge difference in how long your misting system will last. Once it’s installed, you’ll have to make sure to monitor the system, filters, and pump as the weather changes. Plumbers from Deer Valley Plumbing can show you how to properly drain your system and weather proof it for the winter. It’s useful to have a plumber’s professional opinion when it comes to installing a device that will connect to your water lines and keep you cool during the Arizona summer.

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