Garbage Disposal Problems 101

You want to keep your plumbing costs down and we definitely do not want your garbage disposal broken. We also know that things happen. That’s why Deer Valley Plumbing is here to help you with common problems of garbage disposals that could fix yours! So sit tight and take notes while we hand you the most common problems we have come across.

Garbage Disposal Problems

Too Much Waste

When using your disposal, it is important to remember that this is not an industrial grade machine. A disposal should be used to scrape and grind small amounts of food off plates and other serving ware before washing. If you put too much waste down the disposal you run the risk of clogging your house’s drain pipes. So avoid dumping out leftovers from the refrigerator into your disposal.

High Fiber Items

Avoid putting items like banana peels, string beans, sweet potatoes, other types of potatoes and other fibrous substances into your garbage disposal. Such items run a higher risk of causing problems.

Lack of Water

When using your garbage disposal, water should be running before, during, and after use. Disposals are made to run wet, not dry. Doing this will help debris from getting stuck in your pipes and into the sewer system.

Odor Control

On occasion, disposals can begin to take on a bad stench. In order to keep this from occurring, we recommend dropping a whole lemon in and grinding it up. This will help clean the disposal and reduce any stench it might be giving off.

Sticking Disposal

From time to time, your disposal might get stuck on something. As a homeowner you and any other residents of the home should know to never stick your hand into a disposal. This applies whether or not the device is turned off or not. If something gets stuck, we recommend using some sort of tongs to reach whatever is making your disposal stick and still make sure the disposal is off.

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